‘Undisclosed’ Podcast Will Bring New Chapter to ‘Serial’ Fans

Source: Serial

Source: Serial

Serial may have released its last episode in December, but Adnan Syed’s story is still far from over. A new podcast, entitled Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed, will reportedly once again delve into the details of the now-famous Baltimore murder case.

Syed is currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and fellow classmate, Hae Min Lee, in 2000. His case garnered new attention last year after reporter Sarah Koenig detailed it in the hit podcast, Serial, which quickly drew a huge audience and soon became the most downloaded podcast of the year. According to Apple, it was also the fastest podcast ever to reach 5 million downloads. Now, Syed’s story is set to get another chapter with the launch of Undisclosed.

According to the The New York Times, Undisclosed will “examine and explore the case in greater detail, from an investigatory perspective instead of a narrative one.” The bi-weekly episodes will be produced by a group of lawyers fighting to overturn Syed’s conviction – including Rabia Chaudry, a longtime advocate of Syed, who was also the one to first bring the case to Koenig’s attention, and two other attorneys, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller. Koenig will not participate or have any involvement in the new podcast.

“[People are] still intrigued, they still want to know more,” Chaudry told PBS’ NewsHour. “They want Serial to do updates, and Serial isn’t. So we will.”

Per Chaudry’s description, Undisclosed will address evidence brought forward on Serial, as well as bring new evidence and information about the case that has reportedly been discovered by Simpson and Miller’s own private investigation. “Our podcast will pick up where Serial stopped off, with more in-depth analysis, guest experts, and a closer look at the evidence and documents in the case,” Chaudry wrote on her blog, Split The Moon.

The podcast will also presumably give listeners all of the recent legal updates of Syed’s case, following the end of Serial. In February, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals granted Syed an appeal after he maintained that his defense attorney, Cristina Gutierrez, provided him ineffective counsel. The decision came two months after the final episode of Serial premiered. Syed’s next hearing is expected to take place sometime in June.

Considering it will be entirely funded by the Adnan Syed Legal Trust (which has so far raised about $93,000 in online donations), Undisclosed will obviously be a lot less impartial than Serial. As fans of the latter will remember, Chaudry often disagreed with Koenig’s reporting, particularly with what information she chose to include or omit on the podcast. Throughout Serial’s run, the lawyer took to social media and her blog several times to air her grievances about specific episodes. Still, Chaudry was a notable voice in Serial, and fans will surely be intrigued at the prospect of hearing more of her perspective in Undisclosed. Those left disappointed by Serial’s controversially vague ending may also be interested at the promise of newly uncovered information.

Whether the podcast will actually provide any significant new details remains to be seen, but given how much interest still surrounds Syed’s case, it likely won’t have an issue drawing an audience. As of now, it remains unclear exactly how many episodes of Undisclosed there will be, but each installment is expected to run around 30 minutes. A new episode of Undisclosed will air every two weeks, starting on April 13.

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