‘Unpolished’: Who Is Lexi Martone?

Editor’s note: This article was originally published Nov. 17, 2019.

Lexi Martone is a celebrity nail artist at the center of the TLC show, Unpolished. Unpolished follows Martone and her boisterous family members, especially sister Bria, as they seek to make their over-the-top business, Salon Martone, the best salon on Long Island.

Bria Martone works with cuts, colors, and makeup, while Lexi handles all things nails. Lexi and Bria are the salon owners, while their mother, Jennifer Martone, serves as manager, and the matriarch, “Foxy Grandma,” helps out as a stylist.

Martone specializes in 3-D nail art that reminds many fans of Buddy Valastro’s creative work on Cake Boss. And it’s no wonder, because Martone has worked with Valastro before in her other favorite medium: cupcakes!

Lexi Martone previously appeared on Food Network

3-D nail art isn’t the only small-scale art form that Lexi Martone is known for. She’s also an accomplished baker with a history in cooking competition shows, especially those involving highly creative designs.

Martone first appeared on Food Network’s Bakers vs. Fakers and began to work with Buddy Valastro as the “Cupcake Witch” on his YouTube channel. Her cupcake designs were as creative as her nail art, featuring hidden surprises, immersive themes, and unexpected twists. She also took part in Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Martone owns a Long Island salon with her family

Martone is well-known in the world of nail art. A former Next Top Nail Artist finalist who left the fashion industry to pursue her true passion of intricate nail design, she has traveled the United States ever since participating in various nail art conferences and competitions.

After being a licensed nail technician for just three short years, Martone’s creative style began to take off and get attention. Unpolished documents Martone’s journey to make Salon Martone the best of the best.

Lexi runs Salon Martone in East Northport, New York, with younger sister Bria. The sisters launched the sprawling salon in 2016. Bria Martone is a licensed cosmetologist who has a master’s degree in esthetics and a specialty in special effects makeup and airbrush technique.

The ‘Unpolished’ star is a celebrity nail artist

Martone has worked with a number of well-known clients who appreciate her over-the-top style and creative flair. Her celebrity nail clients include Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Bush, Blake Lively, Jada Pinkett Smith, and even Victoria’s Secret models. Marton’s first foray into celebrity nail design was with Katie Holmes before the Met Gala.

According to her bio, her nail work has also been featured on Fox’s Gotham, Kylie Jenner’s app, and various magazine covers, such as NAILS Magazine, BuzzFeed, and Teen Vogue. Her artistic collaborators have included Donald Drawbertson and Jay Manuel.

[Correction: An earlier version mistakenly said Bria Martone was the mother, not stepmother, of Matt Mancuso’s kids.]