15 Unpopular Opinions About the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the world of superheroes, there is no shortage of opinions. Everyone has their favorite and least favorite characters and films, and most are happy to share them. Twitter user @TheLady_Artemis took to the social networking platform on March 10, 2019, to ask her followers their unpopular opinions about Marvel’s Avengers films and the greater MCU as a whole. Here’s what they had to say:

Black Widow solo film

Twitter user Carolyn addressed the solo Black Widow film controversy. Though there’s allegedly a film in the works, Carolyn thinks that fans should move on and focus on all of the possibilities for female-led Marvel films in the future, such as one focused on Wakanda’s Dora Milaje or on Thor: Ragnarok heroine Valkyrie.

Of course, Black Widow is still a badass heroine in her own right, which (hopefully) no one is denying


Some people actually like Age of Ultron

Arguably the least-liked of the three ensemble films so far (or four, if you count Captain America: Civil War, which many do), Avengers: Age of Ultron received a lot of love from the Twitter users in the unpopular opinions thread.

One thing many criticized about Age of Ultron was the villain itself. The goal of the character was to introduce the debate as to whether or not what the Avengers Initiative is helping or hurting the world overall, but many feel that he doesn’t do a great job of that, ending up looking like a villain who is having an identity crisis. But others clearly don’t agree.

It was admittedly hard for the second film to live up to the hype of the first, which is the one that established that all of these heroes would be working together. But Twitter user HJW1995 thought it was better than The Avengers.


While most are comparing films within the MCU to one another, BrianKnockin threw in a competitor from an entirely different universe.


Who is the best character?

Everyone is going to have their favorite MCU character, and frankly, most reasons for liking one hero or another are valid, as it’s really all a matter of what you like in a character. Is it their powers, their friendship dynamics, or just their looks?

Hulk is a complicated one to agree upon: For one thing, he’s actually two characters, Hulk and Bruce Banner — they’re two different guys. But not everyone likes him, or Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of him.

And when it comes to the bad guys, everyone has a different opinion as to who worked and who didn’t.

Romance in the MCU

Almost every MCU film has featured at least one romantic storyline, and every time there’s at least a small faction of the fandom that isn’t on board. One of the most divisive was that of Natasha (Black Widow) and Banner, which to many felt shoehorned into Age of Ultron.

Some prefer romances that we haven’t seen realized yet which, honestly, are some of the best.

Overall, everyone is going to have different opinions. But as long as we all agree that the MCU is great… oh wait, there’s someone who disagrees with that, too.

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