The 1 Unexpected Way Kim Kardashian West Is Completely Different From Her Sisters

Kim Kardashian West is arguably the most famous of any of her family members. She is the main cast member of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and she’s made an incredible name for herself since her reality television show first premiered. Now, she owns several massive businesses, including KKW Beauty and her shapewear line, Skims. But there is one surprising way she is different from her sisters.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters
The Kardashian-Jenner sisters | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3

Kardashian West seems to keep getting more famous

Over the years, Kardashian West has gone from the star of a 30-minute reality show to a multimillionaire with massively successful brands. She’s even dabbled in policy work and used her influence to work with President Trump on prison reform — something she probably never expected back in 2007. And in all that time, KUWTK has continued to air and has documented every part of the family’s journey. Kardashian West is now married to rapper Kanye West, and the two have four kids. Her life seems, dare we say it, perfect.

She and her sisters have always remained very close

Through all of the changes the family has seen over the years, they’ve managed to continue to grow closer than ever. Fame often has a way of separating people, but for the Kardashians, it has only helped them form even stronger bonds. Through every scandal and crisis, Kardashian West’s sisters have been there for her. During something as exciting as the birth of her first child to something as terrifying as the Paris robbery, Kardashian West has always leaned on her siblings during both the good and bad.  

Kardashian West doesn’t have long nails the way her sisters do

The Kardashians are some of the most glamorous people around. They always hair the best outfits and the most perfect hair and makeup. And most of the sisters love the look of super long nails. Though we had assumed Kardashian West rocked the same nails as Kylie and Khloé (they’re hard to notice in her Instagram photos), her Instagram story revealed that her nails are actually extremely short. When Kardashian West was walking fans through her new Skims Cozy Collection, she zoomed in on the fabric and showed fans how soft it is. In the video, her extremely short nails are very visible — and they hardly grow beyond the skin. The sisters might all have similar appearances, but clearly those long nails are one trend Kardashian West wants no part of.

Kardashian-West’s nails are even shorter than Kourtney Kardashian’s.

The Kardashian-Jenners have been criticized for their appearances

Though the family’s fame continues to reach new heights, so does the amount of filler in their faces. Some fans have remarked that Kardashian West looks unrecognizable in her more recent photos. The same can be said for her younger sister Kylie, who has been accused of looking more plastic than ever in recent years. Fans have also questioned whether Khloé has received plastic surgery, though she has never admitted to it. Kardashian West and Kylie have both admitted to using fillers, though they both remain adamant that they have never received true plastic surgery.