What Is the Upcoming Rom-Com ‘Last Christmas’ About?

It may still be summer, but what better time to get in the spirit for the holiday season? Fortunately, movie trailers are here to help. Here’s a first look at the upcoming holiday romantic comedy Last Christmas, including who stars in it and a theory about what the film’s big twist could be.

This is who stars in Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke Henry Golding composite
Left: Emilia Clarke | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The MS Society, Right: Henry Golding | Darren Gerrish/WireImage

The film features quite a few big names, but the two romantic leads are portrayed by Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Clarke is best known for her starring role in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. She has also starred in films such as Me Before You and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Golding is a newer face on the Hollywood scene. His breakout role came with the 2018 romantic comedy sensation Crazy Rich Asians, in which he played the lead character, Nick Young. That same year, he portrayed Sean Townsend, the male lead in the mystery-thriller A Simple Favor.

Take a look behind-the-scenes

This flick isn’t just star-studded in front of the camera. Behind-the-scenes, there are some well-known names and faces. Chief among them is Emma Thompson, who is a producer as well as a co-writer of the story and screenplay.

Thompson also has a role in Last Christmas, but the one task she didn’t perform was directing the film. That task fell to Paul Feig, who previously directed Golding in A Simple Favor. You may also know Feig from his writing (Spy, 2016’s Ghostbusters) and acting (he was Mr. Pool in the early seasons of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch). 

The Last Christmas trailer is here

The trailer for the film has arrived. Clarke is Kate, an apathetic Londoner who works as an elf at a Christmas shop. She can’t seem to please anyone, from her employer to her mother (Thompson’s Adelia), and she just keeps ending up in bad situations.

One day, Kate meets Tom. Tom is a kind, goofy stranger who is genuinely interested in learning about her. She reveals to him things about herself that she generally keeps private. There’s an obvious love connection here — but what will happen?

Is there a big twist?

If you watched the trailer above, a lot is revealed about the plot of the film. For one thing, we learn that Kate was very sick and almost died, which has led to her depression and outlook on life. (Interestingly, this sort of mirrors Clarke’s own life — she suffered from brain aneurysms in the past.)

There could be a twist hiding in there. The most obvious theory is that Tom is a ghost here to help get Kate back on the right track and enjoying her life. Of course, that’s not the only possibility, and the internet is rife with potential Last Christmas twists if you wish to seek them out.

Here’s when Last Christmas arrives

Yes, it’s still August, so you have a few months to wait until Last Christmas arrives in theaters. Fortunately, the studio has gone for an early holiday release. Last Christmas will be out on Nov. 5, 2019, in theaters nationwide. So you can see this one multiple times throughout the season.

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