TV Spinoffs You Had No Idea Are in the Works

Television spinoffs are typically either an extraordinary success or a colossal disaster. You have shows like Frasier, which last just as long as the original and are arguably just as good, and then you have shows like Joey, which attempt to capitalize on the parent series’ success but utterly fail to do so.

As some wildly popular TV shows are looking to wrap up in the next few years, networks are already starting to develop spinoffs to replace them. In a lot of cases, you may not even realize that one of your favorite series will continue in a new form soon. Some of these will likely flop like Joey, but a few could be hits like Frasier. Here’s a look at some of the TV spinoffs that are currently in the works.

1. Station 19

Jason George as a Greys Anatomy doctor

This character will star in a firefighter-focused spinoff. | ABC

Grey’s Anatomy already spawned a spinoff in Private Practice. But now, yet another spinoff of the ABC medical drama is in the works.

This spinoff isn’t another medical show, though. Instead, it’s about Seattle firefighters, and it sounds like it will be a lot different than Grey’s Anatomy while still taking place in the same universe. Jason George’s Grey’s Anatomy character, Ben Warren, will join the cast of this new show and will therefore be switching professions.

The main female lead is a new character played by Jaina Lee OrtizThe showrunner of this spinoff told Entertainment Weekly that following first responders will allow for more “action, stunts and big set pieces” than Grey’s Anatomy.

The new series will premiere on ABC in March.

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2. Mayans MC 

mayans mc

The Mayans in Sons of Anarchy are reportedly getting a TV show. | FX

Sons of Anarchy ended in 2014, but FX is now developing a spinoff, Mayans MC.

The spinoff will follow the Mayan Motorcycle Club, a group fans will recall from the original series. The protagonist of the spinoff will be EZ Reyes, a new character played by J.D. Pardo who joins the Mayans for the first time in the years following the death of Jax at the end of Sons of Anarchy.

FX actually shot the pilot to Mayans MC in 2017, but they were apparently unhappy with it, ordering reshoots and the recasting of several roles, according to Deadline. It’s not clear when the show will premiere, but the network is currently moving forward with a new take on the pilot episode.

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3. Suits spinoff

Gina Torres sits at a desk

Gina Torres’ character is getting her own show. | USA Network

The season 7 finale of Suits is actually going to be the launching off point for a spinoff, according to USA. The idea is for the new show to focus on Jessica Pearson, the character played by Gina Torres.

Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, is producing and writing the pilot episode of the untitled spinoff. Korsh says of the show, “I can’t wait to continue to peel back the onion that is Jessica Pearson while introducing everyone to an entirely new world separate and apart from the law.”

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4. The Originals spinoff

Elijah, Klaus, and Hayley stand together in a room looking down on The Originals.

The Originals may be getting a second life. | The CW

The CW’s The Originals is itself a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries. Beginning in 2013, The Originals tells the story of a vampire/werewolf hybrid named Klaus. It will end with the fifth season in 2018.

However, The CW is now discussing the possibility of a spinoff based on Hope, the daughter of Klaus and Hayley, according to Deadline. The character was originally conceived on The Vampire Diaries and then born in the first season of The Originals.

The spinoff hasn’t officially been greenlit, though, and it doesn’t appear that it will go into development until after The Originals ends.

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5. How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Father could be the new How I Met Your Mother. | CBS

Before How I Met Your Mother aired its series finale, a spinoff called How I Met Your Dad was in the works. This was to focus on completely new characters with a female protagonist, played by Greta Gerwig, at the center of the story. However, although a pilot episode was shot, CBS never ended up moving forward with the show.

Just when everyone thought the spinoff idea was dead, in late 2016, it was reported that a new take on the project, How I Met Your Father, was in development, this time with new writers. This idea didn’t work out, either. But then, in August 2017, Deadline reported that a third attempt was in the works, this time from Alison Bennett, who has written for You’re the Worst.

It remains unclear whether this spinoff will ever actually get off the ground, though. And even if it does, after the terrible ending of the original series, would anyone even watch?

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6. 3 Below Wizards


Trollhunters will return with two spinoffs.  | Netflix

The animated Netflix series, Trollhunters, actually has two separate spinoffs in the works. The first is called 3 Below, and rather than focusing on trolls, this one will be about aliens who crash on Earth and try to disguise themselves as normal high-school kids as they are being pursued by bounty hunters, according to Entertainment Weekly. The second is Wizards, which will tie Trollhunters and 3 Below together into an epic finale.

Guillermo del Toro says that he conceived these shows as a trilogy called Tales of Arcadia, with all three shows taking place in the same universe. 3 Below will hit Netflix in 2018, and then Wizards will follow in 2019.

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7. House of Cards spinoff

House of Cards

Fans may not have to say goodbye to the world of House of Cards. | Netflix

Netflix went into crisis mode after the downfall of Kevin Spacey. A decision was ultimately made to air an abbreviated final season of House of Cards without his character, Frank Underwood. But Netflix isn’t ready to let go of House of Cards completely.

According to Variety, Netflix has a few potential spinoffs in the works. One of them would revolve around Doug Stamper, the White House Chief of Staff played by Michael Kelly. These spinoffs are in very early stages of development, and whether they actually happen will likely depend on how well Season 6 does without Frank Underwood.

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8. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season Season 5

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is returning to TV. | ABC

Riverdale has been a huge success for The CW, with Season 2 maintaining an impressively large audience. Now, a spinoff is in development: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

This new show, like Riverdale, is also based on characters from Archie Comics. Sabrina was previously depicted on screen in the 1990s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but this new show will be completely different, maintaining the darker tone of the source material.

It was originally believed that there would be a lot of crossovers between the two shows; already, Sabrina’s hometown has been seen in Riverdale. But now, that probably won’t happen, as Sabrina has landed not on The CW but on Netflix. Still, Sabrina will likely feel a lot like Riverdale, considering the same creative team is involved in the pilot.

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9. Game of Thrones spinoffs

There are several Game of Thrones-centric projects in the works.  | HBO

Game of Thrones became such a phenomenon that although HBO is ending it in 2019, it’s not willing to leave Westeros behind them. The channel has not one, not two, but five spinoffs of Game of Thrones currently in development. It’s unlikely that all five will air, though. It’s likely that just the best one will end up getting made.

Nobody knows what any of the spinoffs would be about, but George R.R. Martin has said they will all be prequels and won’t follow any of the same characters from Game of Thrones. He also specifically confirmed none of the spinoffs will be about Robert’s Rebellion, the event that set the series into motion. But it sounds like at least one of the ideas centers around an event we would recognize from the show. Screenwriter Jane Goldman, who is working on one of the spinoffs, told IGN that the idea for her spinoff would be “recognizable as a past event” for people who have watched the series.

Since the final season of Game of Thrones likely won’t air until 2019, the spinoff would probably come in 2020 or later.

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10. The Fosters spinoff

The Fosters

The Fosters | Freeform

Freeform’s The Fosters is getting ready to conclude a five-season run. But the network will be using the finale to launch a spinoff series.

According to Deadline, the spinoff will take place a few years in the future and revolve around Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) and Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) as they embark on the next phase of their life and move to Los Angeles. Mariana will get involved in the tech world, while Callie does social work.

The plan is for cast members of The Fosters to make guest appearances, and there are currently discussions to get someone else from The Fosters to be a regular on the new show.

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11. Wellington Paranormal

What We Do in the Shadows is getting a TV spinoff. | The Orchard

Here we have a television spinoff that’s not a spinoff of another TV show, but rather of a movie. The 2014 comedy, What We Do in the Shadows, centers around vampires going about their daily lives in Wellington. Minor characters include police officers Mike Minogue and Karen O’Leary; Viago hypnotizes them so that they don’t notice anything out of the ordinary about the house.

This TV show, like the original movie, will be a mockumentary, but this one will see the characters investigating paranormal phenomena on a weekly basis, with the show taking inspiration from The X-Files.

That’s not even the only project in the works for fans of What We Do in the Shadows. There’s also a sequel movie in development called We’re Wolves.

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12. Bad Boys spinoff

Bad Boys

Bad Boys is coming to TV. | Sony

For almost 15 years now, there have been on-and-off discussions of a third Bad Boys movie. Right now, it doesn’t seem likely that the third film will actually happen. But a television spinoff is in the works.

The show will center around Gabrielle Union’s character Syd, introduced in Bad Boys II as an undercover DEA operative. She’s the sister of Martin Lawrence’s character, and she also is the girlfriend of Will Smith’s character.

According to DeadlineBad Boys producer Jerry Bruckheimer will produce this spinoff. Recently, NVC officially ordered the pilot.

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13. Fixer Upper: Behind the Design

Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna

The couple is getting another HGTV show. | HGTV

HGTV fans were pretty surprised when the network announced that Fixer Upper would be ending after five seasons. However, a spinoff series is already in the works.

Fixer Upper: Behind the Design will be a companion to Fixer Upper and will feature Chip and Joanna Gaines giving a behind-the-scenes look into how they come up with some of the designs featured in Fixer Upper episodes. The series will premiere in May 2018.

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14. Dallas Cakes

A cake on Vegas Cakes

A cake on Vegas Cakes. | Food Network

When it comes to Food Network, there are never enough cakes. The network recently premiered the show Vegas Cakes, which focuses on a bakery in Las Vegas that makes interesting or unusual cakes for events.

Now, Food Network is working on a spinoff called Dallas Cakes. As you would imagine, the premise of this one is basically the same, except this time it will follow a bakery in Dallas, Texas. According to Deadline, production on the show is now underway, and it will premiere sometime in the spring.

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15. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Pretty Little Lairs

Sasha Pieterse is getting a Pretty Little Liars spinoff. | Freeform

Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars wrapped up in 2017. The network already tried out a Pretty Little Liars spinoff called Ravenswood, which did not perform nearly as well as its parent show and only lasted one season.

Now, Freeform is trying again with another spinoff, with this one actually taking the parent show’s name. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists takes place in the town of Beacon Heights, home of a top-tier college and, naturally, the home of a murder. Sasha Pieterse will return to play Alison DiLaurentis, while Janel Parrish will also return to play Mona Vanderwaal.

There’s already a story template for this series in place, as the author of the Pretty Little Liars book series launched the Perfectionists series in 2015. The show does not yet have a premiere date, but filming is set to begin in March 2018.

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