‘Us’: What Is Jordan Peele’s Next Movie and When Will it Premiere?

In 2017 Jordan Peele gave us Get Out, and honestly, we still haven’t recovered. The Academy Award-winning horror film was Peele’s directorial debut, and it was a shocking critique of racism, liberalism, and white privilege. Get Out was just the tipping point for Peele. Now, the critically acclaimed writer/director is working on a new horror project that explores what happens when we unplug from social media and society as a whole.

Starring Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and hunky Black Panther actor Winston Duke, Us, is being called, “A new nightmare from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.” So what is Us, and we can we expect the film to premiere?

A terrifying family film

Though many details about Us are still being kept under lock and key, Slash Film was able to get their hands on an extended synopsis. It reads, “A mother (Nyong’o ) and a father (Duke) take their kids to their beach house expecting to unplug and unwind with friends (including Emmy winner Elizabeth Moss from The Handmaid’s Tale). But as night descends, their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some shocking visitors arrive uninvited.”

We’re not sure who these shocking visitors are, but we’re more than certain that we have no desire to find out. Since the family is supposed to be unplugging and unwinding, we’re going to assume that there is no cell phone service wherever they are which never bodes well for the fate of people in horror films.

Horror with a purpose

Get Out and Us are just the first of several projects that Peele has on his slate. Vanity Fair is reporting that Peele has at least five social thrillers in the works, and each of them deals with a different, “social monster.” The filmmaker has an ambitious plan of getting them all released within the decade, so if Us is at least half as successful as Get Out, we’d say we’re going to have plenty of Peele projects to look forward to in the future.

Us will be released in theaters on March 15, 2019.

Us will actually hit theaters sooner than you think. Just two years after the release of Get Out, Peele is ready to shock us once again when the film drops March 15, 2019. If Us isn’t enough for you, his forthcoming HBO series might do the trick. Based on Matt Ruff’s novel of the same name, Peele will act as a producer on HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

The series follows Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors), his friend Letitia (Jurnee-Smollett-Bell) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) as they embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of Atticus’ missing father (Michael K. Williams). Their journey turns into a struggle to survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the terrifying monsters that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback. We expect to see Lovecraft hit HBO in late 2019.

Until then, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the release of the Us trailer.

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