‘Vanderpump Rules’: Are James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss Still Together?

This last season of Vanderpump Rules, James Kennedy went from being a kind of annoying DJ to public enemy number one. By the end of the season, Kennedy had lost not only his job, but pretty much all of his friends.

His excessive alcohol drinking and name-calling made him unbearable to be around for the rest of the employees at SUR and ultimately caused Lisa Vanderpump to let him go.

 James Kennedy
James Kennedy | Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic

But throughout all of Kennedy’s hard times, there was one person who stuck by his side and that was his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss.

But are the two still together now that the season has ended?

Kennedy’s sobriety

Kennedy eventually decided to give up alcohol for a number of reasons.

“That’s the big question I get asked, like something big that prompted,” he told HollywoodLife when asked why he stopped drinking. “Nothing really. Other than a long stream of events that’s just been with me through the show and everything. Like partying, the lifestyle here in Hollywood, I got sucked into it and I think it’s good to re-evaluate sometimes, take a step back.”

Since giving up alcohol, Kennedy’s life has taken a turn for the better.

“I just feel enlightened and I feel just so clear and happy, and I know that sounds so cliché but things in my life have opened up — Business ventures, and my DJing has just gotten even better,” he told the outlet.

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“I’ve been playing shows sober which is something I’ve never done and it’s a true rush feeling; my true emotions and feelings. It’s definitely a new high for me, I love it.”

Are Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy still together?

Leviss and Kennedy had some hard times on Vanderpump Rules. From accusations of cheating to Kennedy costing Leviss relationships with the rest of the cast, this season was not an easy one for the couple. But now, they are apparently in a better place than ever.

“James and her are happy and focused on the right things in life and she feels like James is finally turning a corner with the next season coming up, with James being sober and happy,” a source told the outlet. “They spend most of their time together and their relationship is going really well. Raquel feels like James is growing up and sobriety is really helping him! He’s even on some good speaking terms with Lala again.”

Leviss has also now become a more integral part of the cast as she has started working at SUR.

“Raquel is enjoying working at SUR and being a part of the new season coming soon,” the source said. “She is just focused on working and on the relationship with her boyfriend, James. Raquel and James are in a really good and happy place, and she is staying away from the drama of the other girls as much as she can.”

Hopefully the two can manage to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with each other and the rest of the cast throughout the season. But if past seasons are anything to go off of, we wouldn’t hold our breath.