‘Vanderpump Rules’: Billie Lee Responds to Lisa Vanderpump’s Transphobic Comment

Lisa Vanderpump has been a long-standing ally for the LGBTQ community. She holds a Pride parade every year that celebrates people from all walks of life.

But after last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, people are wondering if Vanderpump is really as accepting as she has been made out to be.

On the episode, Vanderpump made a comment about Erika Girardi and whether or not she was actually a man.

“Just don’t ask me if Erika’s tucking it under or something like that, because there are some things I can’t lie about,” she said.

Fans immediately reacted to the comment and called Vanderpump out for being insensitive.

Has Vanderpump responded to fans’ criticism?

On Wednesday, Vanderpump apologized to the community that she offended.

“It was not my intention to belittle the trans community with my poor choice of words directed toward Erika,” Vanderpump told Page Six. “I have nothing but respect and love for trans people around the world, as I have been a staunch supporter, provided employment, offered emotional support and championed LGBTQ issues. With recent news of trans women losing their lives for living their authentic truth in a world of discrimination and hate, I never want to diminish the very real pain and struggle that trans people go through every day.”

What does Billie Lee have to say about the situation?

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules, then you know that Billie Lee is one of the newer servers at SUR. She is also transgender.

Though Vanderpump’s comment was not the most considerate, Lee did say that the RHOBH star has always supported her and her trans experience.

“She has one of the biggest hearts ever,” Lee tweeted. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fairy godmother. Our allies don’t come perfect and it’s our responsibility to educate them.”

Lee’s journey on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

This isn’t the first time that Lee has had to deal with transphobic issues while being a part of the Vanderpump Rules family. During the season, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and several other girls at the restaurant threw a Girls Night event and didn’t invite Lee.

Lee took this as the girl’s leaving her out because she was transgender.

“When yo coworkers don’t include the only trans girl in GIRLS night at your own job,” she tweeted at the time. “On the night you work! #rudeAF #TransIsBeautiful.”

The rest of the girls were quick to respond that leaving Lee out was more of an oversight than an intentional dig at her.

Vanderpump came to her staff’s defense.

“When [Billie] pulled the victim card with Katie, I wasn’t having that because I knew, you know, to throw that card out there wasn’t fair,” Vanderpump said on the Vanderpump Rules aftershow.” I know these girls. I know how inclusive they are and also, we know how potentially catastrophic that can be on social media.”

Lee responded saying that she never actually called any of her coworkers transphobic, instead she just thinks that they are “self involved” and “unaware.”

“They immediately became the victim and then threw a word out there that I never once spoke,” she said.