‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Flies on Private Planes: What Does It Cost to Charter a Jet?

Jax Taylor Instagram

Some members of the Vanderpump Rules cast posted videos of the group traveling by private jet to celebrate Brittany Cartright and Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s birthday in Vegas. The videos show a lavish private plane, stocked with food. Plus a flight attendant served drinks.

Cast member Jax Taylor did a great job capturing the lavishness of the private jet and uploaded several videos of the trip to his Instagram story. No doubt travel by private plane is extremely expensive. Far costlier than flying commercial. So how much does it cost to charter a jet for you and your friends?

Travel for short distances

According to Air Charter Service, travel on a turboprop plane may be ideal. The jet chartering service quotes a jaunt from New York to Montauk for about $2,900. Or you could take a 40-minute private plane and pay around $2,800 flying in a Piper Seneca.

For the trip the Vanderpump Rules cast took, Air Charter Service suggests a Cessna Citation Mustang, which takes about an hour for around $4,100. But the Cessna Citation Mustang only accommodates up to four passengers. Clearly, not enough room for this crew. Another light jet that will accommodate up to six passengers and travel for three and a half hours is the Beechcraft King Air 200 for about $4,000.

Mid-sized private jets


Private jets in this category holds more people and may travel longer distances. Passengers could take a jet this size from coast to coast if needed. For instance, Air Charter Service suggests a midsize Learjet 40/40XR. A jet like this can travel from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. for five and a half hours, carrying up to six people. The cost would be around $30,000.

Need to fly further? A Gulfstream G200 / G280 can carry up to nine passengers and fly up to seven hours. Cost for a seven-hour trip would set you back about $66,500.

Large jet travel


If you have 14 or more people who need to travel, a large private jet might be the answer. On the “low” end you could charter a Bombardier Challenger 850 for a five-hour flight, according to Air Charter Services. This jet can accommodate up to 16 people and can cost about $57,500.

Need to accommodate more people? You could go really big and charter an Airbus A319. This huge plane holds up to 19 passengers and can travel for eight hours. But be ready to pay because this will cost about $160,000. If every passenger kicked in, that’s still about $84,000 and change per person.

Private plane amenities

Beyond not having to fly elbow to elbow with strangers, flying private also offers many other benefits. For instance, flying private may provide you with more luggage options. Traveling with bulky items like skis or golf clubs will be more likely flying private than commercial.

Also, you don’t have to deal with the same airport drudgery of arriving two hours ahead of your flight as you with commercial. In some instances, you can arrive just 15 minutes before take-off. Or even board immediately before your departure. You may also be able to create your own schedule rather than adhering to the schedule an airline imposes upon you.

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