‘Vanderpump Rules’: Does Billie Lee Regret Leaving the Show?

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is a bit like a revolving door. Outside of the show’s mainstays like Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor, and Tom Sandoval, the rest of the reality stars on the show come and go with the seasons. But Bravo isn’t playing cast musical chairs for no reason. Bringing in fresh blood keeps the show interesting. It creates the drama that is so necessary for the franchise to thrive.

Billie Lee
Billie Lee | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Some cast additions turn out to be hits with fans and end up having big roles on the show, like Lala Kent and James Kennedy. And others, never truly mesh with the rest of the group, which results in them exiting the show after a season or two. A few months ago, Billie Lee announced that she would not be returning to Vanderpump Rules. Now that we are close to the season eight premiere of the show, is Lee regretting her decision?

Why did Billie Lee quit ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Feuds between cast members are pretty par for the course on Vanderpump Rules and Lee definitely got into it with a number of her coworkers in season seven, but ultimately, all the drama got to be too much.

“Billie Lee was struggling handling the drama that comes with being a cast member on Vanderpump Rules,” a source told HollywoodLife. “It was truly messing with her mental well being. She also was having trouble vibing with the other cast members except [Tom] Sandoval, James [Kennedy] and Scheana [Shay], so she wanted to go.” 

“Production asked Billie to partake in a storyline that she is adamant isn’t true — that she and Sandoval hooked up, which will be spoken about and [is] a big story line on this season of Vanderpump Rules,” the source continued.

Does Lee regret leaving the show?

As Vanderpump Rules continues to rise in popularity, some people in Lee’s position might regret leaving the show. But for Lee, the choice to leave was not made lightly.

“There was probably like five [moments] and I just didn’t feel good anymore. I felt like I wasn’t welcome, like it was a challenge and I felt like I was back in high school and all the suicidal thoughts came back,” she told the outlet. “I just didn’t feel worthy and no jobs should cost someone their life or cost someone to have that kind of negative thought. I just needed to walk away and work on myself and work on building the love relationship with myself and loving and accepting myself. Cause sometimes we fall out of love with ourselves and especially with our environment being so toxic. So I needed to get in a better situation.”

Since quitting, the reality star has been thriving.

“And now I’m like, I have amazing mentors and producing partners and I’m producing more projects than I ever imagined and I get to focus on my community and not drama at a restaurant.”

What does Billie hope for season eight of ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Though she won’t be returning to the show, she does still hope Vanderpump Rules will become more inclusive.

“I’m happy,” she continued. “I’m good. I hope that they like I wish they would be more open and accepting to people of color and LGBTQ. I just feel like with all the new cast members, I wish somebody was gay. They’re in the heart of West Hollywood. Why aren’t we like covering people that are gay? — That should be more of the focus I believe, because that’s what real life is.”