‘Vanderpump Rules’: Does Lala Kent Get Lip Injections? She Shows Off Her Beauty Secrets

Lala Kent is no stranger to internet trolls. The Vanderpump Rules star is known for causing drama on the show and not caring how anyone feels about her. This bold attitude has caused people to come for her on social media more than a few times.

But recently it hasn’t been the star’s attitude that’s had trolls commenting on her social media accounts, it’s her lips.

A few weeks ago, she shared that she got new lip injections and people went crazy, leaving rude comments on her page. She responded in an Instagram story, calling the negative people out.

“It’s so crazy to me what people are willing to write on people’s photos,” she said. “Like comments that are like ‘oh my God you used to be pretty.’ It’s like you were never pretty. Does that feel good? Does that feel good when I say that? No! I don’t sit here and if you’re too skinny say ‘Oh my God, eat a cheeseburger;’ if you’re like a little bit hefty, ‘Oh my God, you eat your feelings.’ Like, what possesses you to feel like your opinion about somebody is worth anything? That’s what social media has done to our world, is making everyone feel like their opinion matters. Hello! It doesn’t.”

Later, she turned off her comments, but continued to get direct messages about her lips. On Monday, she took to Instagram to clarify what was going on with her mouth.

“I’ve never received more dramatic DMs than I’ve received about the lips,” she said. “Like I really don’t think they’re that much bigger than my regular ones.”

She revealed that in addition to her lip fillers, she also overlines her lips to get them to look like they do.

“I still overline the s–t out of them when I do my lips,” she said.

She, then, showed her followers what her lips looked like with only filler and no lining.

Afterward, she began tracing her lips with MAC Naked Lip Pencil and then went over them a second time, going a little bit outside of her natural lip line. She finished her lips off by putting on some Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss.

 “And there you go from natural with a needle to BJ lips with the overliner,” she finished.

What other work has Kent had done?

Lip fillers aren’t the only cosmetic procedure that Kent has done.

“I started doing Botox when I was about 23,” the star once told Zwivel. “It’s a bit addictive – I do Botox under my eyes and on my forehead every four months. I have a big forehead. But I have no lines on my forehead, so, you know, it’s preventive. I also did Restylane in the lips, but the effect didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to.”

In 2016, she also had a nonsurgical procedure that broadened her jawline. Bevery Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason B. Diamond was able to do this through his facial sculpting treatment. He also performed non-surgical lip contouring on Kent.

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