‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Slam Lisa Vanderpump for Lack of Diversity in Season 8 Cast

Lisa Vanderpump might be out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but she is still ruling over Vanderpump Rules. The trailer for season 8 of the reality show was released this week and fans are divided with their opinions. One resounding negative mark against the series is the lack of diversity es the cast experiences its biggest shakeup.

Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

A total of five new regular cast members have been added to the roster for season 8. When the preview went live, loyal watchers noticed that there’s not much representation in the ensemble. People were not only calling out the lack of people of color but diversity in sexual orientation.

Fans are pointing at Vanderpump, as not only is she the star of the show, she is also a producer. Some viewers don’t understand how she prides herself in being an LGBTQ ally but not giving them an opportunity to have representation on the show.

WeHo setting

SUR, the restaurant featured on the show, is located in West Hollywood, the mecca of gay culture in the Los Angeles area. After the success Vanderpump found with the show, she ventured out to open her first bar on Santa Monica Boulevard. PUMP was now at the center of all the bars and clubs that catered to the LGBTQ community.

Years later she moved a couple of doors down and opened TomTom, named after two of its Vanderpump Rules cast members: Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz.

Every season on the show, Vanderpump celebrates the pride parade and welcomes all of the community to her restaurants.

Billie Lee quits ‘Vanderpump Rules’ after feeling bullied

There’s no denying that the LGBTQ community loves Vanderpump and she loves them right back. So why the lack of diversity on the show. If she is such a champion of equal rights, why isn’t more being done to include them on television?

Billie Lee joined the cast in season 6 as a transgendered woman. She had a difficult time fitting in with the rest of the ensemble and only made it through two seasons. Ahead of the start of season 8 production, Lee announced she had quit the show.

“The bullying on and off-camera brought my deep insecurities to the surface, this dark black mirror held up high for everyone in public to see and to judge,” she told People. “The reflection of fear and anger led me back to depression and suicidal thoughts. I honestly thought I was finished with this type of bullying after high school and college but once again I found myself 34, depressed, and fantasizing about taking my own life.”

As a producer, it was odd that Vanderpump didn’t intervene more in the group dynamics to ease her time. And the businesswoman knows what it feels like for an entire cast to go up against you as she says she felt on RHOBH before deciding to quit.

Fans slam Lisa Vanderpump

With season 8 premiering on Bravo in January, people have raised their concerns and slam Vanderpump for the lack of diversity.

“A show based in West Hollywood,” a Twitter user wrote. “Ya’ll got somebody from every block of the city and yet, somehow, not one gay cast member. This also coming from the woman who occupies prime real estate in the gay neighborhood only to house tacky restaurants.”

“LVP doesn’t actually care about anyone –gays included– but herself. If she did she’d fire Jax from her business,” another fan tweeted.

“There are too many damn kids,” another user said. “I don’t have enough room in my head for these people. Not one LGBT member and not one person of color.”

“I am getting really over this show,” a viewer tweeted. “Not only did they not really think through their ‘new blood’ choices, but Jax continues to make problematic statements about the gay community.”

“Not only was the only trans girl fired, but Jason and Lauren from Utah also spoke over her and tried to school her on what is and isn’t transphobia,” a fan expressed. “The cast calls themselves allies but it’s only for show. They’re only present for the community when there’s a fun time to be had.”

Vanderpump Rules season 8 premieres on Tuesday, January 7 on Bravo.