‘Vanderpump Rules’: How These Two Cast Members Outearned Jax Taylor

For the longest time, Jax Taylor reigned supreme on Vanderpump Rules. At the start of the show, he was dating Stassi Schroeder, the self-proclaimed queen bee of the series. He was the leader of his friend group and he was still sleeping with whoever he wanted.

In addition to that, over the years, Taylor started making more than everyone else on the show. But now that the other cast members are starting other ventures, two of them are worth quite a bit more than Mr. Taylor.

How much does Taylor make?

Though Taylor modeled in his pre-Vanderpump Rules days, most of his wealth comes from the reality show. For all of his hard work stirring up the drama on the show, Taylor takes home about $25,000 per episode of the series. His salary makes him the highest paid member of the cast. Which is a bit strange as he doesn’t have the main storyline on the show and he is always on the verge of being fired from SUR. But he does cause enough drama to fill up season after season, so that could be the reason for his padded paycheck.

In addition to his salary from Vanderpump Rules, Taylor will also have a new revenue stream coming in this year from his new drink mix, Just Add X.

All of this brings Taylor’s net worth to $500,000.

The new wealthiest cast members

In the last few years, two of the Vanderpump Rules cast members’ net worths have skyrocketed past Taylor’s. Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are now worth way more than their friend.

Originally, Sandoval was the least paid member of the cast. He earned $38,000 for the first two seasons of the show, which means he was making $1,400 per episode. After taking the issue to court in 2016, Sandoval began making $15,000 per episode.

Schwartz originally had one of the lowest net worths of the whole cast. For a while, the star was only worth $25,000. It is unknown how much he was making from his role on Vanderpump Rules, but he also had money from his previous acting gigs and landing roles on shows such as Two and a Half Men and True Blood.

But now that the Toms have partnered with Lisa Vanderpump on their restaurant TomTom, the men are each worth $2 million.

How much does the rest of the cast make?

Though Schroeder doesn’t work at SUR anymore, she is still a prominent cast member on Vanderpump Rules. She reportedly earns $15,000 per episode. In addition to the show, she has a podcast called Straight Up With Stassi and recently published her book “Next Level Basic.”

Scheana Marie earns about $10,000 per episode of the show and has a net worth of $150,000.

Schwartz’ wife, Katie Maloney Schwartz, is worth $30,000 but she is doing just fine as her husband is bringing in some serious cash.

Kristen Doute makes $15,000 an episode, according to Riot Housewives. She also has her clothing line, James Mae, which brings her net worth to $250,000.

Ariana Madix is worth $1 million due to her extensive acting career, in addition to her role on Vanderpump Rules. So combined, she and Sandoval are the richest couple on the show by far, excluding Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd.