‘Vanderpump Rules’: Is James Kennedy Still Sober?

There are some people on Vanderpump Rules who just can’t ever seem to get their heads above water. No matter how hard they try, they can’t stay out of trouble. James Kennedy is one of those people. His constant feuds with the rest of the SUR staff have caused him to lose his job more than once. But this last time might have been for good.

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Over the course of the last season, SUR owner Lisa Vanderpump grew tired of Kennedy’s disruptive ways and fired him from SUR after telling him that he should probably quit drinking.

Determined to get his job back and land back in Vanderpump’s good graces, Kennedy tried to remain sober.

Is Kennedy still sober?

After staying sober for most of the season, Kennedy revealed at the reunion that he had had a few beers with his father. Vanderpump was notably disappointed at the news.

“He doesn’t seem to understand, he can’t stop,” she said during the taping. “He is his own worst enemy.”

It seems that Kennedy is now ready to quit drinking for good as he has been sober for the last two months.

“I just feel enlightened and I feel just so clear and happy, and I know that sounds so cliché but things in my life have opened up — Business ventures, and my DJing has just gotten even better,” he recently told HollywoodLife.

“I’ve been playing shows sober which is something I’ve never done and it’s a true rush feeling; my true emotions and feelings. It’s definitely a new high for me, I love it.”

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Why did Kennedy get sober?

Though drinking has been a problem for Kennedy on several seasons of Vanderpump Rules, it was only recently that something clicked that made him want to quit for good.

“That’s the big question I get asked, like something big that prompted,” he told the outlet when asked why he quit. “Nothing really. Other than a long stream of events that’s just been with me through the show and everything. Like partying, the lifestyle here in Hollywood, I got sucked into it and I think it’s good to re-evaluate sometimes, take a step back.”

And he thinks his sobriety will really help him in situations in the upcoming season of the show.

“I know everyone’s drinking in here, but I feel like I’ve got an upper hand now that I’m sober, I’m one step ahead of the game and no one can stop me,” he said.

What happens in season 8 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Apparently, a lot goes down this season of VPR.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of like plot twists. Where it’s like you’ll see a lot of things that are unexpected,” Scheana Shay told the outlet. “I mean, it’ll be entertaining, that’s for sure.”

According to multiple sources, Kristen Doute gets into a big tiff with long-time friends Stassie Schroeder and Katie Maloney Schwartz.

“I feel like everyone’s at the center of it because we’re all friends. So it’s like depending on the day of the week, it could be any one of us,” Shay said of the feud.