‘Vanderpump Rules:’ Is Kristen Doute Held to a Higher Standard Than the Guys?

Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to getting back in Lisa Vanderpump’s good graces. The former SURver was fired and then banned from the restaurant after causing a ruckus, but that was a few years ago.

Kristen Doute|Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic

For the most part, Doute seems to have settled down. She’s started her own businesses and is on good terms with all the ladies. But a rescinded invitation to a pre-grand opening party at Tom Tom prompted Doute to wonder why she’s still taking it on the chin.

She ultimately ponders the question with Jax Taylor during a group trip to Mexico. She points out there seems to be a double standard because some of the men in the group appear to be quickly forgiven for making mistakes. Whereas she’s still being punished.

Why is she outside of the circle of trust?

In what seemed to be many moons ago, Doute and Tom Sandoval were in a serious relationship. However, the couple split after Taylor revealed Doute cheated on Sandoval with him. The breakup was hard on Doute as Sandoval quickly moved onto dating SUR bartender Ariana Madix.

She was so upset about the relationship dissolution she tried to prove to Madix that Sandoval cheated on her too. Doute invites the woman who she thinks cheated with Sandovol to SUR and makes a huge scene. She is eventually booted from the restaurant and ultimately fired too.

Since then, Vanderpump admits she doesn’t trust Doute to be on her best behavior. “Because normally she is the catalyst,” Vanderpump said in a confessional interview during a recent episode. “But if Tom and Tom have a list and she’s on it, God help them, there’s not much I can do.”

She wants the same forgiveness given to the guys

Anyone who has watched the show knows some of the men on Vanderpump Rules have had their fair share of messes. Taylor has cheated on girlfriends, lied to friends and coworkers and also gotten arrested (a few times). Also, James Kennedy has shown up to work drunk and verbally berated coworkers too. And while Kennedy was initially fired, Vanderpump gave him another chance (which he ultimately blew too). Then both Tom Schwartz and Sandoval have dealt with their own cheating rumors too.

So it is fair that the guys seem to be easily forgiven, but not Doute? She confronts Taylor in an upcoming episode about it. Taylor seems confused about why Doute cares.

Doute says in a confessional interview that the guys screw up multiple times but get more sympathy (or “him-pathy” she says–nice). Doute adds she can’t understand how the crew doesn’t see that she’s evolved over the past five years. And she’s tired of being viewed as “crazy Kristen.”

Fans agree with her

When Slice TV posted the segment on Twitter, fans weighed in heavily in Doute’s favor. “You are just Kristen,” one person responded. “You are so different from the first season second…you don’t need anybody’s approval.”

Another person pointed out, “She’s held to a different standard than the other ladies too!” Because everyone on the show has had at least one or two meltdowns. Others thought she was held to a different standard than the guys by Vanderpump too.

And while some people wrote that she won’t ever change, one viewer summed it up perfectly. “@kristendoute she deserves to be on the show as much as the others do. I think she’s trying to find herself and has a lot of hurt. Nobody knows what goes on inside people’s heads and anxiety and depression is as crippling as a physical illness, so give her a break!”

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