‘Vanderpump Rules’: Is Lala Kent Quitting the Show?

Say it ain’t so. Vanderpump Rules star and SUR hostess Lala Kent is reportedly ready to leave the show.

Kent has been the source of drama and the voice of reason throughout several seasons of the Bravo show. She’s brought us laughs, she’s brought us to tears, and now it appears that she wants to leave us for good.

Fans may be thinking, “here we go again,” as Kent did leave the show briefly in 2016 before returning a year later. But this time, sources say that Kent is serious about making her exit.

The source told Radar Online that Kent “wants to leave now more than ever before.”

In recent episodes of the show, Kent was shown making efforts to get sober, starting with a sobriety pact with her now fiance, Randall Emmett. Though Emmett broke the pact and had a drink, Kent is still focusing on eliminating alcohol from her diet.

“Lala feels like she has become a different person since she got sober, and she does not want the same things in life that she used to want,” the source continued.

As fans of Vanderpump Rules know, much of the show centers around the cast drinking. They are always attending some event at SUR where they get absolutely hammered or going on a vacation where the outcome is the same.

One of the most notable moments of the current season was when Kent took the girls on a trip to Solveng, California where they did nothing but tour wineries. Kent did not have one sip of alcohol throughout the entire trip.

And now that she is engaged to a wealthy Hollywood producer, she doesn’t have to subject herself to being around alcohol to be on the show.

“Sure, she loves the money but now that she is going to marry Randall, she really doesn’t need to worry about having money.”

Alcohol isn’t the only reason that Kent is ready to say goodbye to the show that she has been a part of for so many years. Sources have also said that she is tired of being around her former friend, James Kennedy.

Towards the end of their friendship, Kennedy constantly made rude remarks about Kent’s fiance. His attitude towards Emmett ultimately caused the hostess to end her relationship with Kennedy.

“Lala is ready for the next phase of her life,” the source continued. “Everything that she’s been through has brought her to where she is right now, which is finally happy.”

Kent’s beauty line

During her time on Vanderpump Rules, Kent launched her own beauty line called Give Them Lala Beauty. The line originally started out offering lip glosses.

“We had six lip colors, we sold out at record time,” Lala told The Lookbook at the time of her first launch.

But since then, Kent has set her sights on more than just lips.

“We are officially expanding into eyeliners, eye shadow palettes, expanding the lip colors, and we have six highlighters,” she told the outlet.

Her beauty line, paired with the wedding that she is planning, is enough to keep Kent busy whether she decides to stay on Vanderpump Rules or not.

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