‘Vanderpump Rules’: Katie Maloney-Schwartz Opens Up About Her Struggle with her Weight

The cast of Vanderpump Rules typically lives a life of glamorous parties, day drinking, and drama. Seriously, the whole show follows them from party to party, vacation to vacation, all while looking like they just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. But, apparently behind the glitz and the expensive getaways, some of the cast has been dealing with real issues and insecurities.

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One such member is Katie Maloney-Schwartz. The star has dealt with weight issues throughout the later seasons of the show. Her weight has been a main focus of this season, in particular, as James Kennedy was fired from SUR after calling her fat.

“Imagine finally finding the courage and strength to finally love yourself enough to stand up for yourself to then be ridiculed and torn down again,” she recently said on her Instagram story. “It took me three years. I was a very unhappy person. I took it out on everyone, including myself. I was unlovable.”

Over the years, the criticism of her body had gotten so severe that the server had stopped fighting it.

“For the last three years I let my body become a topic of conversation,” she continued. “I say ‘let’ because I didn’t have the courage or self love [to] argue it. FOR THREE YEARS. I’m not perfect. I know who I am. But I’m not a weak bitch.”

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But now, she is not taking all of the cruel comments lying down. Hence, why she stood up to Kennedy.

“I am going to continue to grow and remind myself of my own strength,” she said. “If that makes me a mean b—- in your eyes then so f—— be it! I’m remaining true.”

Kennedy wasn’t the first one to call attention to Maloney-Schwartz’s weight on the show.

Previously, Kevin Lee, one of Lisa Vanderpumps’s friends, cmommented on her weight at a party.

“You gained a little bit of weight,” he told her on camera. “You have to work on it.”

That same season, Kennedy told her to “lose some f—ing weight.”

Maloney-Schwartz’s battle for body positivity

Seeing the destruction that ridiculing people for their weight can have first hand, Maloney-Schwartz has become an advocate for body positivity.

“The media for a long time has been pushing the notion that there is only one “ideal” body or a standard that we all should strive for,” she once told The Lookbook. “Now I’m not offended that models are typically very thin, but whenever there’s a plus-size model (which I really despise that “plus size” is ever mentioned), that she is labeled as ‘brave’ or ‘different.’ In the real world reality, she isn’t different. She represents a broader demographic, in fact. And any time ANYONE models or puts themselves out there, I think they are brave. Not just because they are or aren’t a size 2.”

Getting to this point of loving herself hasn’t been easy, but it was paramount to her happiness.

“My journey of self-discovery and self-love was a rocky road,” she continued. “At times it took everything I had to tune out the noise and negativity. I have always thought of myself as a confident individual. But it ate away at me like a disease. It’s impossible to not let negative comments creep into your psyche.”

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