‘Vanderpump Rules’ May Have Taco Bell, But Check Out Who Shep Rose From ‘Southern Charm’ Is Rocking

Shep Rose Instagram

The deep love the Vanderpump Rules cast has for Taco Bell landed at least one cast member a deal with the fast food restaurant. Taco Bell often graces the cast’s photos on Instagram. Plus, fans couldn’t get enough when Jax Taylor wore the infamous Taco Bell sweater.

So could Shep Rose from Southern Charm be pulling a Vanderpump Rules repping his fast food restaurant of choice? Rose didn’t specifically indicate he has a deal like Taylor. But it sounds like one burger joint possibly hopes Rose might become their man.

He is rocking full fast food gear

Rose posted a photo to Instagram and Facebook thanking the fast-food chain Hardee’s for sending him a branded ski suit. He launched two photos and along with the caption, “Just received this super dope one piece ski suit from @tipsyelves and @hardees along with bag full of their new melts 🍔. That’s all i needed to inspire a manifest destiny like trip to the nearest mountain 🏔 so i can shred 🎿. I figure I’ve got the burgers, dont need to stop for food. Will get gas cans and just drive #HardeesMeltsWinter #sponsored#coletrickle (Scroll) click on link in bio for the ski suit.”

Rose provided an image of both the back and side views of the rad, retro snowsuit. He’s also holding a sack of Hardee’s burgers while appearing to get into his car. The post has gotten a decent number of “likes,” which includes Taylor. Rose also uploaded a full back view to his Instagram story, clearly stumping for the brand.

Could Rose be Hardee’s best rep ever?

Those excited about purchasing the ski suit will have to wait. Because the $225 getup is currently sold out. Did Rose’s post generate so much excitement, he helped Hardee’s sell out? The good news is fans who can’t wait for Rose’s exact ski suit can choose from other styles on the Hardee’s website.

Hardee’s recently announced the partnership with Tipsy Elves that features a line of limited edition skiwear. The line referred to as “Melt Wear” launched in conjunction with Hardee’s 100% Angus Thickburger® Melts, according to a release. The snowsuit design is based on what Hardee’s refers to as “the hottest trend this winter – a retro ski suit design – channeling the classic one-piece snow jumper everyone remembers sporting on the slopes.”

Stumping for Hardee’s isn’t Rose’s only gig

While some may think Rose is just a socialite, he has plenty of irons in the fire, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reports. He already has his own gear shop, Shep Gear. His line offers plenty of fun Southern Charm inspired threads. “I made a t-shirt that said ‘Hot Mess Express’ in honor of Cameran [Eubanks] and I made [a] ‘Craig Is My Lawyer’ [shirt] in ‘honor’ of Craig [Conover] and I went over to Cameran’s and we took a picture and she posted it and I posted it — and I don’t want to get into specifics but the amount of sales is outrageous,” he told Bravo. “It’s crazy. So that’s doing great, too.”

He also has financial interests in several Charleston bars. In 2017, Rose and co-owner Taylor Grant re-opened Palace Hotel in Charleston after a fire, The Post and Courier report. Plus Rose is co-owner of The Commodore in town too.

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