‘Vanderpump Rules’: Scheana Shay Has a New Boyfriend and It’s Not Who You’d Expect

Has Scheana Shay finally found the one? The Vanderpump Rules star has certainly kissed her fair share of frogs, so just statistically speaking she should be on her way to a prince charming.

After a rocky divorce and a number of other failed relationships, Shay is finally dating again and it’s not who you would expect.

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Scheana Shay’s failed marriage

When Shay first appeared on Vanderpump Rules, she was dating her longtime boyfriend, Michael Shay. The two went on to get married in 2014, but soon after the wedding, cracks began to show in the relationship.

“There were a lot of things from the beginning of our marriage that kind of tainted the whole relationship,” she told E! News. “Three months in I found out he had a pill problem. Right before our one-year anniversary, I saw some inappropriate text messages. Then, fast forward to our second anniversary, and I’m just trying to pretend like everything’s fine, because in my mind, we’re married—for better or for worse.”

“I kept telling myself, ‘It’ll get better. It’ll get better,'” she continued. “And it did. In the beginning of 2016, everything was genuinely good. Then the cameras turned on again, and then he changed. That’s when I found out he started using again. I didn’t know that at the time. My mom and other people around me had noticed a change in his behavior. I was either oblivious to it or I just didn’t want to believe what I was seeing right in front of my face.”

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Eventually, she had to file for divorce.

“I had never considered getting a divorce whatsoever, because I took our vows very seriously. This was the ‘for worse’ part. I just thought that we would be able to get through it, because he was still my best friend. We had so much fun together. I felt like all of those things would outweigh the bad, and eventually, we’d pick ourselves back up and be fine,” she told the outlet.

Shay’s relationships on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

After her marriage ended, Shay went on to date Robert Valletta, but eventually, things ended between them after it became clear that Valetta wasn’t as serious about the relationship as she was. She, then, tried to date SUR barback Adam Spott, but the two never really made it past the friends with benefits zone.

Scheana Shay’s new boyfriend

Despite all of her past hardships, Shay is back in the dating game. On Nov. 10, she told Us Weekly that she was no longer single.

“I’m not giving anymore information,” she teased. “I’m just not single, so I’m not gonna act like I am. [It’s] very, very new.”

Her new boy is surprisingly not a member of the Vanderpump Rules cast. He’s actually a personal trainer named Brock Davies. The couple just celebrated their two month anniversary.

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“He surprised me with Bali,” she told the outlet of the anniversary trip. “I had no idea we were going.”

What does the cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ think of Scheana Shay’s new boyfriend?

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss have already met Davies and are on board with the relationship.

“He’s quite the hunk!” Kennedy told the outlet.

“He’s so hot,” Leviss added. “He has an Australian accent. He lives in San Diego. I’ll tell you everything because I just met him. We got ready together … at the house.”

And while others haven’t met him, they are excited for Shay’s new relationship.

“I haven’t met him, but I like everything about him,” Kristen Doute said.