Is ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Getting a Spin-Off on Bravo Set in Miami?

Vanderpump Rules is one of Bravo’s most successful shows on television with Season 8 having just wrapped production. Other cable networks have tried to copy the format, like E!’s What Happens at The Abbey and MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, without the same results. But what if Lisa Vanderpump pitched a spin-off based on her existing show?

Vanderpump Rules cast for Season 7
The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast | Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Lisa Vanderpump Spotted In Miami

Lisa Vanderpump was seen around Miami with her husband Ken Todd. A user snapped a picture of both of them as they were looking at a location, possibly scouting the place for a new restaurant.

“Oh wow, Lisa Vanderpump is outside this restaurant on South Beach asking a lot of questions… hmm what is going on?” the user tweeted, to which Vanderpump replied, “Mmm maybe.”

The same user that posted the photo online then added: “So excited if you are going to open on South Beach. We need a breath of fresh air on Ocean drive. Lisa Vanderpump please please any comment?”

In a reply, Vanderpump wrote: “Thinking it thru…but it’s exciting for sure.”

Vanderpump seems to be truly thinking of opening up a restaurant in Florida as she added another tweet that hinted it. “Leaving Miami now. Who knows what the future holds? But definitely exciting…”

Fans React To Lisa Vanderpump’s Tweets

Vanderpump has a major following and anything she tweets out is commented right away. Fans quickly threw in ideas towards the former RHOBH star, making suggestions of a Vanderpump Rules spin-off.

“Hopefully a new show,” a fan replied.

“Ah! Pump Rules Miami in the future?” another viewer questioned.

Another Vanderpump follower suggested it could be another establishment that is not a restaurant.

“Maybe it’s not a restaurant but another Vanderpump Dogs Rescue,” the follower tweeted.

Is a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spin-Off Possible?

With the opening of a lounge in Las Vegas earlier this year, there had already been rumors that Vanderpump would shoot a pilot for a Vanderpump Rules spin-off set in Sin City.

Andy Cohen was already approached with the question of a new series set in Las Vegas.

“It’s not a show that you can just turn cameras on in a new place,” Cohen, told Page Six. “Lindsay Lohan tried to do it with the Lohan beach thing. There also needs to be some rooting interest of why all these people are there together.”

The Bravo television host said that the original show convinced producers because of all the history the cast had from working at the restaurant.

“I think what makes ‘Vanderpump Rules’ work is that those people have known each other for years and Lisa has known them for so many years,” Cohen added.

SUR Facing Lawsuit

SUR. which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant, is the establishment that brought all the cast together on Vanderpump Rules and currently facing a claim from a woman that allegedly got food poisoning after eating there.

The woman says she ate “white fish covered with an orange cream sauce on her plate, along with broccoli and potatoes.”

“One hour into eating her meal, [her] head suddenly whipped back, causing her body to move backwards as well, as she felt a hot sensation rise from her stomach, into her chest and then into her throat that she was unable to control,” the suit alleges according to The Blast.

The incident was so bad to the point that when “her head came forward while vomit filled her mouth, [she] began vomiting profusely.” After falling on her knees, “she continued to vomit and also defecate through her clothing.”

After news broke, Nathalie Zapata, co-owner of SUR, spoke to People about the complaint.

“SUR has been in business for 15 years and serves over 150,000 patrons a year,” Nathalie Zapata told the publication. “Nothing is more important to us than the care and enjoyment of our patrons. We have maintained our ‘A’ rating from the department of health and regular checks from the health department. We have no record of this ever happening from two years ago in 2017.”

Zapata also states that they have no record of the event and that their attorneys are looking into the claim.