‘Vanderpump Rules:’ Was Tom Tom Just Named ‘Best Bar’ in Los Angeles?

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz
Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz | Tom Sandoval via Instagram

Although Tom Tom is a new addition to the West Hollywood nightlife, the Vanderpump Rules establishment was just named “best bar” by LA Travel Magazine.

The 2019 Readers’ Choice Award Winners endured two rounds of voting, which ended on January 11. Benchmarks were set across 25 categories in the greater Los Angeles area, which ultimately included hotels, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, travel and, of course, bars. Tom Tom was chosen by readers, but is it that amazing?

Owner Lisa Vanderpump was pleased

Owner Lisa Vanderpump seemed happy about Tom Tom’s designation. “Well it’s great, really, to have that kind of success because you work so hard and you have such dreams for it and you really want it to be recognized for what it is,” she told Bravo’s The Feast. “I think [Tom Tom is] a beautiful place, [with] wonderful cocktails, so yeah, really happy about that.”

But she used the opportunity to kick interest over to her newest venture, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Vegas. “And also, [the award is] a good segue into the fact that we’re opening in Vegas in six weeks.” 

This celebrity superfan’s review may have helped

Tom Tom had a fierce following, even before the gastropub opened. Bravo superfan, Jerry O’Connell was one of the first to dine at Tom Tom and dropped this hilarious review, which he shared to his Instagram.

O’Connell managed to beautifully blend a Below Deck reference in with Vanderpump Rules. Plus, he used this amazing Real Housewives of New York slogan, “Everyone is so cool, like no un-cool.” O’Connell’s review definitely prompted the masses to check out the chic establishment, especially with the notion they might catch a celebrity or two.

Plenty of others agree

Tom Tom rates at a respectable three and a half stars on Yelp. A recent review raved about the experience. “Tom Tom was everything I hoped for and more! I had an absinthe based drink (some play on Toulouse, can’t remember what it was called) and it was honestly delicious! Sandoval was working behind the bar which was an absolute treat.I waited a bit to get in and the there was just enough seating around for me to enjoy my drink. Great job on another fun addition to the Vanderpump family of restaurants!”

For the most part, reviewers agreed that the cocktails were amazing at Tom Tom. Plus many people marveled at the decor and atmosphere. However, the lengthy wait time was often noted as being problematic. Plus some said the bar is a bit loud and pricey. But that is likely what happens at one of the hottest spots in L.A.

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