‘Vanderpump Rules’: What Does Brittany Cartwright Think of Jax Taylor’s Alleged Hookup with Lindsay Lohan?

Jax Taylor has always been known as a player. From the premiere of Vanderpump Rules in 2013, his womanizing ways were made clear. He’s hooked up with the majority of the girls on the cast and has always found it hard to stay faithful, no matter who he was in a relationship with.

Though Taylor might be reformed now that he is engaged to southern sweetheart Brittany Cartwright, stories from his old days aren’t done catching up to him. Especially the one about an alleged hookup that the bartender had with one movie star.

Did Taylor hook up with Lindsay Lohan?

The rumors of Taylor and Lindsay Lohan hooking up go way back to 2015, when Taylor claimed that the two were intimate on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“It was just once and it was bad,” Taylor said on the show. “It was good but it was…the situation was–she was great. It was a long time ago.”

Taylor wouldn’t give up very many details on what happened between the two.

“She was just very affectionate,” he said.

In 2017, he brought the incident back up, elaborating a bit more.

“It was at a nightclub, just ended up back at her spot and it was what it was,” he told The Daily Dish. “It was so long ago, and it was one of those things that it was just a drunken night, and it didn’t mean anything. It wasn’t worth my time.”

Does Lohan admit to hooking up with Taylor?

For years, people have been believing that Taylor once had something going on with the Mean Girls star. In January, Lohan finally cleared up the rumors.

“I’ve never even met him,” she told Andy Cohen on WWHL. “I never met him. Really. Maybe he met Hallie or Annie,” she joked, referencing the characters she played on The Parent Trap.

After Lohan’s adamant denial, Taylor took to Twitter to defend himself.

“Not that I care, it was over 10 years ago and I am happily engaged, but she’s a liar,” he tweeted with screenshots of messages from his friend, Steve, who he says was there the night it all went down. “My two friends who have nothing to gain were with me the whole night. That’s all I will say on this. So you are lying, darlin’.”

The screenshot showed a link to an article of Lohan denying the hookup that Steve had sent to Taylor.

“Trav and I were with you when you went to her condo and she just got out of rehab. Lmao!” Steve texted Taylor along with the link to the article.

Taylor responded that he thought Lohan might not remember the incident.

“I know. I don’t care,” he wrote back. “She was [in] the crazy house for how many years and didn’t even know her own name? You think she remembers who she hooked up with?”

The tweet has since been deleted.

What does Brittany Cartwright think of the alleged incident?

Hearing about your fiance hooking up with other girls is never fun, no matter when the alleged incident took place. But on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Cohen had to know the reality star’s feelings about it all.

“I mean, I try not to think about it because I love Mean Girls, so I don’t want to have a bad image of Lindsay Lohan,” Cartwright said.

Taylor was not too happy to have the incident brought up again.

“What a terrible question,” he added.

“He says it’s true,” Cartwright continued. “His friends were there the night [it happened], and they’ve even said it, so I kind of believe — I mean, I believe Jax — 100 percent over Lindsay.”

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