‘Vanderpump Rules’: What Does Stassi Schroeder Have to Say about the Lala Kent and 50 Cent Feud?

2019 has been a weird year. And it’s just getting into full swing. In the latest twilight zone news, rapper 50 Cent is now feuding with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and her fiance, producer Randall Emmett.

No, we are not joking. They are actually arguing. Pretty publicly, in fact.

What is the feud between Kent, Emmett, and 50 Cent about?

The argument started when 50 Cent posted an old Vanderpump Rules clip of Lala Kent talking to Stassi Schroeder on his Instagram. The clip showed Kent telling Schroeder how she and Emmett first met. In the clip, Kent says that she slept with Emmett on the first night and then began receiving expensive gifts and got an audition for the movie The Row.

50 Cent captioned the video with some NSFW comments.

“10 seconds left in the 4 quarter h–s are Winning. Do you want A range rover, yes, b— yasssss,” he wrote.

Kent responded, commenting on the video.

She said that 50 “swears she’s a thug from south side Jamaica queens, [and] she’s up in here watching Bravo.”

“I smell fish coming from fifty’s direction,” she continued.

The video has since been deleted.

What started the feud?

Apparently, this drama goes way back and doesn’t even really include Kent. 50 Cent claims that Emmett owes him money and that’s why the harassment started.

Last week, the rapper posted a screenshot of texts between him and Emmett. In the texts, Emmett begged 50 Cent to stop harassing him and claimed that he wasn’t doing well. He even said that he was going to the ER to make sure that he wasn’t going to have a heart attack from all the stress.

Instead of backing down, 50 Cent went even harder. He then posted another string of texts, where Emmett continued to apologize.

“You took my kindness for weakness, no I’m show you what I been try not to do to you dumb motherf—ers,” 50 Cent responded to the apology.

He captioned the photo, claiming that the producer only sent him $250,000 and that that wasn’t enough.

The images have since been deleted.

What does Schroeder have to say about the feud?

Last night, Schroeder went on Watch What Happens Live and defended her friend’s relationship.

“I’m really actually grossed out by the whole entire thing,” she told Andy Cohen. “I don’t understand why this has become a relationship thing. Like, [Randall’s] in love with Lala. Why is it that [50 Cent’s] posting about money? Like, Venmo request, PayPal request. I don’t understand why this is a whole Instagram thing. If so, tag me, 50, ’cause I could use some more followers.

“It’s really dark,” she continued. “And you know, I’ve spent so much time with Lala and Randall. Beau and I are upset about it.”

Cohen’s other guest, Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live, also thought the argument went too far.

“I thought ‘Fofty’ didn’t need to bring Lala involved, only because I thought, ‘Wow, has Rand really emasculated himself,'” she said. “I mean, those [text messages] were — wow — I needed to faint. They were so much.”

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