‘Vanderpump Rules’: Which Cast Member Was in Hot Water With Lisa Vanderpump This Season?

Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules wasn’t the only cast member who needed to be straightened out by Lisa Vanderpump this season.

Lisa Vanderpump from 'Vanderpump Rules'
Lisa Vanderpump |Casey Durkin/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During the “secrets revealed” episode, Vanderpump is seen having to speak to new cast member Charli Burnett about being an unreliable employee at SUR. Burnett doesn’t appear to fully grasp the gravity of the situation at first, acting as though Vanderpump wants to chit chat with her when she’s been summoned for a discussion.

However, Vanderpump wasn’t playing and lets Burnett know the things she’s been telling other servers and cast members get back to her.

She was blowing off shifts

Vanderpump isn’t thrilled when she learns that Burnett missed shifts, telling Burnett when she does that she screws the rest of the staff. Burnett tries to explain why she missed her shift, but Vanderpump didn’t seem impressed.

“Well what happened is Raquel [Leviss] asked to switch with me,” she says in a preview clip. “I put it on the following week, not the week of. I’m so sorry.” Burnett thinks she’s addressed the issue but Vanderpump is just getting started.

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“But I also heard that you were kind of getting into some kind of heated argument with Brett [Caprioni],” Vanderpump says to Burnett. Then Burnett dives into her story about going on a date with Caprioni. And how it didn’t work out because he gossiped that Scheana Shay didn’t like her and others didn’t trust her.

Brett Caprioni also shared with Vanderpump that Burnett asked if she ‘farts’

Burnett gives Vanderpump the explanation that Caprioni dished about others gossiping about her. Once again Burnett thinks she’s successfully defended herself until Vanderpump shares that she’s heard Burnett has been rather “cheeky.”

Unfortunately for Burnett, she asks for an example. Vanderpump is happy to furnish one. “Oh, does Lisa fart when she works out?” Vanderpump shared. Cameras flash back to show Caprioni at Vanderpump’s home dishing about Burnett.

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“The new girl, Charli, she goes, ‘Does Lisa fart when you train her?’ That’s what she asked me,” Caprioni is seen telling Vanderpump. Vanderpump wants to know how he replied. “I said Lisa doesn’t poop!” Vanderpump smiles and adds, “Ever.”

Caprioni is probably not the person for Burnett to confide in

Caprioni recently shared that he and Vanderpump have a pretty close bond and she has become like a mother to him. “Just like Lisa does, she wants to know about [you], like she cares about the people she talks to,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “That’s something I learned quickly is she quickly acted like she gave a sh*t and really wanted to listen to what I was saying.”

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“And that’s just a testament to the person she is,” he continued. “She shows that she gives a sh*t which I respect about her a lot.”

He also described what it was like when he first met Vanderpump. “What I noticed about Lisa is she commands your attention, and kind of runs the room, like a CEO would or someone really important. It was an important feeling.”