‘Vanderpump Rules’: Why is Ariana Madix Clapping Back at Lisa Vanderpump?

The cast of Vanderpump Rules may have trouble getting along with one another, but one thing they all have in common is that they revere their boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

They always talk about her with the utmost respect and all seem to aspire to be her when they grow up. Or at least they used to.

Now Ariana Madix is clapping back at the restaurateur like never before.

Why is Ariana Madix angry with Lisa Vanderpump?

Madix is arguably one of the more mature cast members on the show and is pretty even-tempered. But on tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, she lets out all of her feelings towards Vanderpump.

In a preview of the episode obtained by People, Madix goes off on her boss to her boyfriend Tom Sandoval, and castmates Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder.

“I saw something that Lisa said and it put me in the worst f—ing mood,” she says to her friends. “I got so angry about it.”

Apparently, during an interview, Schwartz and Sandoval were asked about their work ethic at their new restaurant, TomTom.

“The interviewer says, ‘So, you guys have been stepping up and really busy?’” Madix says. “And as soon as Tom starts to say, ‘Yeah, we’ve been working really hard on cocktails,’ Lisa interrupts and she goes, ‘Why don’t you tell them where you just were?'”

“Like, you not only suggested that we go on a trip to Mexico, but now when we get back, you’re using it once again as an opportunity to trash Tom and Tom?”

What does Madix think Vanderpump thinks about her?

Madix wasn’t only annoyed by how Vanderpump made her boyfriend look in the interview, but also how she came off as well.

“If she claims you’re an idiot, then she’s basically saying I’m such an idiot that I would date somebody who’s like that,” she says to Sandoval. “And therefore I find it an insult to me.”

What is Madix planning to do about the situation?

Instead of just venting about it to her friends, Madix decides to confront Vanderpump.

“[I’ll] just say, ‘You talk s— about your partners, when in reality they’re both really good at what they do and there’s a reason why you went into business with them. It’s ’cause they’re awesome,'” she continues. “It’s like you’re not allowed to disagree with her, or else you’re on her s— list.”

She went on, complaining about how their boss should respect them.

“No matter what happens, no matter how old we are, what we’ve accomplished in life, we’ll never be equals with Lisa,” Madix says. “We all know that. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve some level of respect.”

Who else has confronted Vanderpump?

Madix isn’t the only one who has had to confront Vanderpump. Schroeder has also exchanged a word or two with the real housewife.

“Going to confront Lisa is the freaking worst,” Schroeder says on tonight’s episode. “I should know, I’ve done it. Legit, the idea of confronting Lisa is like the best laxative ever.”

James Kennedy and Katie Maloney-Schwartz have also both had uncomfortable conversations with the SUR owner. In Maloney-Schwartz’s case, the conversation resulted in her enemy, Kennedy, getting fired. In Kennedy’s case, his conversation ended with him getting his Tuesday night Djing gig taken away.

Who knows how things will turn out for Madix.

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