‘Vanderpump Rules’: Will James Kennedy Be Invited to Lala Kent’s Wedding?

Weddings on Vanderpump Rules are big affairs. When a member of the cast is getting married, it becomes their whole storyline for the season. Of course, there is always lots of drama surrounding the impending nuptials. There are always a few people who don’t receive invitations to the wedding, which always makes for great tv.

James Kennedy and Lala Kent used to be best friends. They were so close, in fact, that many people actually thought they had something romantic going on behind the scenes. But after Kennedy insulted Kent’s boyfriend, Randall Emmet, Kent completely cut him out of her life.

Lala Kent and James Kennedy
Lala Kent and James Kennedy | Tasia Wells/Getty Images

So, does that mean that he won’t be getting an invite to her wedding? Or will Kent let bygones be bygones and send her former friend an invitation?

Lala Kent and James Kennedy’s friendship

Kent and Kennedy were best friends for several seasons of Vanderpump Rules. But all that changed when Kennedy’s drinking caused him to lash out at people on several occasions. It all came to a head when Kennedy accused Kent of being with Emmet for the wrong reasons.

“You f**k a fat man because he pays for your rent,” he yelled in an episode of the show.

Since then, Kennedy has apologized.

“You know, it’s just always hard reliving the show and seeing it come out again,” the DJ said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. “Some people can’t handle it as much. But, you know, do I apologize towards what I said about her man? Absolutely. I’m trying to grow up a little bit and I won’t be saying those things in the future. Hopefully, we can mend broken bridges. If not…whatever. I’ve still got my girl.”

Are Lala Kent and James Kennedy friends again?

It seems like Kent and Kennedy have been able to patch things up.

“Lala’s reached out,” Kennedy told TooFab. “We’re chatting, we’re texting and hopefully gonna meet up for lunch maybe this coming week and catch up a little bit in person. But yeah, we’re definitely texting. If I saw her today, I’d say hi.”

And Kent is proud of all of the progress Kennedy has made.

“He’s killing the game, I’m so proud of him!” she told HollywoodLife on Nov. 17. “He’s dry so he’s not drinking and he’s like a different human being. He DJ’d at Bravocon and killed it.”

“I even told James after his DJing, like, ‘Dude, I just want to tell you that you crushed it,’” she continued. “He really is a talented kid and I think if he can stay on the course like he is, I think big things are in store for him. So it’s really – you know, you give people a second chance and they’re a different person and he’s a very caring, really nice kid and I think he’s got a lot of ability. I think people are going to see a lot more from James.”

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Will James Kennedy be invited to the wedding?

When asked whether or not Kennedy would receive an invite to her wedding, Kent didn’t hesitate.

 “Yes! Everybody from my cast including James Kennedy and Raquel are all included on my guest list!” she told the outlet.