Vanessa Lachey Says She’s Determined To Keep Christmas and Thanksgiving Traditions Alive in 2020

The holidays will look and feel a little different in 2020. But actor Vanessa Lachey says that motherhood means keeping many of the same Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions alive despite the pandemic.

Vanessa Lachey teams up with Libby's Vegetables to celebrate the season by making appetizers and comforting sides for the holiday season
Vanessa Lachey teams up with Libby’s Vegetables to celebrate the season by making appetizers and comforting sides for the holiday season | Michael Simon/

“I still feel and I think it’s my job, or I make it my job as a mom to my children, to continue that so that they can have some bit of normalcy in this crazy time,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Yes, we’re not going to have our typical 20 adults, 10 kid dinner, door open come in, come out.”

“No we’re not going to be traveling over the holidays to see family,” she continued. “But we can still do all the fun things we’ve always done, like decorate and cook in the kitchen and bake for Santa and all of these things that they remember and know and love and that make them feel safe.”

Vanessa Lachey is juggling virtual learning with work and the holidays

Like many moms, Lachey’s kids are doing Zoom school. Plus, she wrapped a Christmas movie while, at the same time, making the holidays bright for her family.

“My daughter started kindergarten remote learning on Zoom and that one was a challenge for Nick and I because while she’s in kindergarten, she’s also not reading like an app or able to navigate an app,” she shared. “So one of us has to be with her 24/7 while the other one has to be with Phoenix because he’s 3. And we can’t just say, ‘Oh you’re cool right?’ And then Camden, he’s pretty much by himself in his room doing second grade.”

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Meanwhile, Lachey is trying to juggle work and the holidays. “It goes back to family traditions that I think they find joy in,” she said. “Like we make Christmas ornaments every year. We again are in the kitchen cooking. Brooklyn helped make these corn and cheese mini tarts with Libby’s vegetables. She made them with me yesterday. We prepped them for today. And I’m glad we got to do that. You know, we probably normally wouldn’t have been able to do that if she was in school. So it’s really cool.”

Vanessa Lachey looks for the silver lining

While the pandemic has brought new stress and additional challenges for most families, Lachey said she’s tried to look for the silver lining.

“So there’s a lot of lessons here that if we just step back away from any stresses that we think we may have, we can find the silver lining,” she said. “And I’m really trying to do that with my kids.”

“Don’t get me wrong, when this first happened, Nick and I were like, wow, this is a whole new … it’s not that we weren’t used to being home with our kids because usually he’s touring or I’m on set and one of us is always home 24/7,” she went on to say. “But it’s that they weren’t allowed to even go to a park. There was a time where they weren’t allowed to go to the beach. They weren’t allowed to go to a grocery store. Like it was one of us going in a hazmat suit.”

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“And now they’re not even going to school,” she added. “I think it’s been a transition. And now we finally found a silver lining. That means the Lachey clan is stronger than ever. And we’re going to hang out in the kitchen and we’re going to have forts in the living room and we’re going to have sleepovers at night and so on.”

Vanessa Lachey stars in the Christmas film Once Upon a Main Street, which will air Nov. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.