Vanna White Reacts to ‘Jeopardy!’ Host’s Death: ‘There Will Never Be Another Alex Trebek’

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has died at the age of 80 almost two years after being diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer.

Viewers, fans, and celebrities have been sharing tributes and remembrances of the legendary television personality, including Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White.

Alex Trebek, left, and Vanna White
Alex Trebek, left, and Vanna White | Mathew Imaging/WireImage

The legendary game show host died on Sunday

Alex Trebek died on Sunday at age 80 after almost two years with advanced cancer of the pancreas. He announced his diagnosis in March 2019.

Writing about whether the show could possibly go on without him – a situation the show’s millions of fans can’t imagine right now – Trebek said in his 2020 memoir, The Answer Is…, “Jeopardy! will be just fine. It doesn’t matter who’s the host. It’s a quality program. Look at The Price Is Right. When Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker, so many people said the show would never survive. It’s still a success.

“There are other hosts out there who can do equally as good a job as me. I think Jeopardy! can go on forever.”

Vanna White’s reaction to her friend’s death

Vanna White, Pat Sajak, and Alex Trebek began their stellar careers in their respective Merv Griffin-created game shows in the mid-1980s. The three television personalities were close friends and Trebek’s loss, as White posted, was a painful one.

In the early days of both the game shows, all three would participate in promotional trips throughout the US, to publicize Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! as a game-show bundle.

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When Trebek announced his cancer diagnosis in 2019, White tweeted at that time, “The clue: ‘He has the strength and determination to beat his cancer diagnosis.’ The response: ‘Who is Alex Trebek?’ My family and I are sending love and tons of healing prayers to you Alex.”

And on Sunday, after learning of the Canadian-born host’s death just ten days after completing his final episode of Jeopardy!, the popular letter turner took to Twitter once again, this time to express her sadness at Trebek’s death.

Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak
Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

“I will cherish the many memories I have shared with Alex Trebek that date back well before either of our careers took off,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I will always be in awe of the way he faced the battle he fought so valiantly, and I’m devastated to lose my longtime friend. My heart is with his family, friends, co-workers and fans. There will never be another Alex Trebek and he will truly be missed.”

Pat Sajak also expressed his grief

White’s co-host Pat Sajak also took to social media to share his feelings for Alex Trebek, and his sorrow at his death.

“Alex Trebek’s courage, grace and strength inspired millions and awed those of us who knew him,” Sajak tweeted.

“A tremendous loss for his family, friends, co-workers and countless viewers. I was honored to be a friend and a part of his professional family for all these years. A very sad day.”