When You Can Likely See the Final Season of ‘Veep’ on HBO

Veep‘s upcoming seventh season will be its last, Julia Louis-Dreyfus told The Hollywood Reporter this week. So is this another Game of Thrones situation where fans will have to wait until 2019 to see what happens next?

While no premiere date for Veep has officially been announced, it thankfully seems that the show will likely return in April 2018. So far, every single season of Veep has premiered in April, sometimes late in the month and sometimes earlier.

With Game of Thrones, there’s such a long delay between episodes because production on the eighth season hasn’t even begun, and when it does, it will be quite extensive, especially since there’s some discussion of every episode being feature length. But with Veep, production will begin on October 16, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That means there’s really no reason the seventh season shouldn’t be completed by April; for comparison, the most recent season began production in October 2016, and it premiered in April 2017. The final season will be 10 episodes, the same length as the previous seasons, so barring any unexpected developments, it’s safe to assume that it will not take any longer to produce Season 7 than previous seasons of the show and that Veep will therefore return in April 2018.

Selina Meyer on Veep

Selina Meyer on Veep. | HBO

Showrunner David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter this week that the Veep writers have broken every episode of the final season, ands so they’ll be ready to go for October 16. While brainstorming the final season, it evidently became clear that Selina’s journey was at an end and that no more than 10 episodes were needed to close things out. Mandel said that if he and the writers felt they needed five more episodes, they would have done an eighth season, but they never got to that point.

Veep began on HBO in 2012, and it has performed fairly well for the network since then. HBO is now preparing to say goodbye to two of its flagship programs, with Game of Thrones also preparing to shoot its final season. While some recent HBO originals like Ballers haven’t quite stuck in the way the network would have liked, it appears that HBO’s biggest program for the post-Thrones era will be Westworld, which was a hit in its first season and will return for its second season in 2018. HBO is also getting ready to premiere The Deuce, a new series by The Wire‘s David Simon that has been reviewed positively by critics.

Selina Meyer on Veep.

Selina Meyer on Veep. | HBO