‘Veronica Mars’: How the New Hulu Episodes Will Be Different from the Previous Seasons

Hulu picked up Veronica Mars and will be releasing eight new episodes. There isn’t a set premiere date yet, but it will be released in 2019. New details have been reported to show how the new episodes will be different. Here is everything you need to know.

The new season of Veronica Mars will follow a new mystery about murdered spring breakers

Kristen Bell (L) and actor Jason Dohring
Kristen Bell (L) and actor Jason Dohring | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) will be on the new case of solving what happened to murdered spring breakers in Neptune. She gets hired by one of the murdered student’s parents. The case starts pulling the wealthy and working class in Neptune apart.

A lot of the main characters are returning from the first run of the show. However, there are many new cast members that will be taking part in the new mystery.

There are many new cast members

One of the newer cast members has been announced. Mary McDonnell who previously was on Battlestar Gallactica and Major Crimes joined the cast. She plays Jane, a therapist, but the details end there according to TV Line. It’s unknown who she treats or how many episodes she’ll make an appearance in.

McDonnell already seems to be having fun with Marshmallows. One fan tweeted reacting to the news “Awesome! 5 bucks says she gets killed off though.” She responded with, “You just lost 5 bucks.”

J.K. Simmons is also a newcomer on the show and will have a reoccurring role according to Deadline. His character is Clyde Prickett, an ex-con who is now a fixer for Neptune’s richest real estate developer, Big Dick Casablancas. His character is smart and dangerous.

Patton Oswalt will be playing Penn Epner, who has a very different kind of resume. He’s the “best pizza delivery guy in Neptune.” Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Dawnn Lewis, Izabela Vidovic, and Clifton Collins Jr. are also joining the cast.

It will be a controversial season and different with Veronica as an adult

Will the new episodes cover some hot topics? Bell revealed she will be staying off of social media because the season will get people talking.

This will be a controversial season. Let me just say that,” Bell revealed. “I am excited for people to watch and I am also probably going to stay off the internet once it airs,” she said. “There’s some stuff that happens that people will have strong feelings about.”

It sounds like the show won’t just be going there, but it will be different just because of where Veronica is in her life. “It’s different when she’s an adult,” the star said. “The world is bigger, it’s sort of darker and dirtier, but she still has [a] moral compass, her sass, and her wit. It’s still very much a show about the haves and the have nots and Veronica fighting for the underdog. It made me so happy to do it again.”

The new season will have a lot of new supporting characters, and the story might get some people riled up. Fans will have to wait to watch the episodes to figure out how.

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