‘Veronica Mars’ Hulu Revival: What’s Different For Kristen Bell This Time Around

Though she’s had noteworthy roles in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bad Moms as well as in series such as House of Lies and The Good Place, for many fans, Kristen Bell is Veronica Mars. The series, which launched Bell’s career, is still a fan favorite 15 years down the line. Now, Veronica Mars returns on Hulu for a revival Season 4. Here’s what Bell had to say about playing the character so many years later.

Bell didn’t recognize her character’s impact right away 

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars
Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars | Michael Desmond/Hulu

When she was in her 20s shooting the original series, Bell didn’t fully grasp what kind of an impact the character would have on people. “I think I had so much fun playing her because she’s sassy and leans in a lot,” said Bell to Access Hollywood. “But I didn’t understand how important she was.”

She continued, “Now I see why a lot of young girls and women said ‘Thank you for doing that show.’ It wasn’t just because we entertain them. She was a force in their life, she was an example.”

As a mother, she had to make a choice

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Today, Bell is a mother to two young girls, Delta and Lincoln, with husband Dax Shepard. So a series like Veronica Mars is a major commitment. “This is a giant show to shoot,” she said. “I’m here a lot of hours which means, logistically, I’m away from my kids more hours. I’m missing four or five bedtimes a week.”

But Bell knew what she had to do. “I made the choice as a mom — which was really hard — to go, ‘I’m going to miss a couple of bedtimes for a couple of months because I want this character to exist in the world. I want her to be in the zeitgeist.” She continued, “I want girls to reference her. I want girls to feel like her. [To think] what would Veronica do?”

What Veronica Mars means to her now

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This time around, Bell knows she’s playing someone who matters, someone who isn’t a stereotype. “She’s so layered and dimensional. The way Rob Thomas writes her is incredibly complex. And she’s able to be like sassy and strong and vulnerable within the same breath,” said Bell.

She continued by talking about how she can see herself and other women in Veronica. “Newsflash: that’s how I am. I’m not going to tell all women they’re like that, but that’s how I certainly feel. I want that woman representative of us out there who feels a lot of different things.”

Her daughters’ reaction to one actor

Of course, being as they’re only four and six years old, Bell’s daughters aren’t quite the target audience for Veronica Mars. And while they may have a general understanding of what their parents do for a living, they’re not always clear on the details.

“[There’s] the one thing they can’t wrap their head[s] around,” said BelI. “I don’t have parents on any other show I do. So Rico Colantoni [who plays Veronica’s dad, Keith Mars, on the series] comes over and I’m like, ‘This is my fake dad.’ And they’re like, ‘Come again?’” 

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