‘Veronica Mars’: What Made Kristen Bell Agree to the Reboot?

Veronica Mars is back! The much-awaited reboot of the popular early 2000s show will back on our screens on July 26th!

Fans have been salivating for a reboot of the iconic series for years. And while it has seemed like Kristen Bell was always down to do it, the show took forever to come to fruition.

Why did it take so long to get a ‘Veronica Mars’ reboot?

The over 12-year gap between the shows boiled down to scheduling conflicts more than anything else.

“We have wanted to do it for quite some time … but he wasn’t available, I wasn’t available, and [then] somehow the universe brought us together talking again,” Bell told Entertainment Tonight of trying to find a time that worked for her and the show’s creator, Rob Thomas. “We said, ‘Unless we make the hole, the hole to shoot this is never going to come up,’ and so it was just a weird series of events.”

“We’ve known all along that the fans wanted this character back in their lives, as much as we have,” she continued. “I mean, look marshmallows, we see you, we hear you, I see you all the time on social media. I love you. We wanted to give this to you for a while, and we finally made it happen.”

What made Bell do the show now?

Though Bell has always loved her Veronica Mars character, she chose to take on the role again for her daughters.

“I think it’s really important to recognize this character, who Rob calls ‘post-superhero without a cape,’ is still very relevant,” she said. “We are having a lot of public conversations right now about girls and conduct and how you act as a strong female. I am not prouder than anything than having been a part of this role that my daughters will see one day because Veronica knows how to act in the world.”

“They say, ‘Make change through your art, pick projects that you think will promote the goodness that you want to see in the world,'” she added. “And this, man, this is one of those shows for me.”

Where does the show pick up?

Fans wanted to see more of the show’s storyline so badly that they funded the Veronica Mars movie in 2014.

“The movie was financed by the fans, this show is not, so the movie, we wanted to give the fans every piece of cake they deserved,” Bell said. “Rob asked himself, ‘OK, how do I get Veronica to punch out the most popular girl who tormented her in high school? And [then] I will just work backwards from the storyline, but if that’s the climax, how do we get there?'”

Now, the show will take place five years after the movie’s timeline. It will follow as Mars tries to solve the murder of a student over spring break.

Will this be the last installment of ‘Veronica Mars’?

After this miniseries ends, fans don’t need to worry about going through Veronica Mars withdrawals.

“I will play this character well into the Murder, She Wrote years,” Bell told the outlet. “When everyone in Neptune is dead, that is when the show will be over. There is a lot to write about because the whole idea of the story is about the haves and the have nots — and how power is stolen and manipulated. People are under the impression of the thumb of someone else, and that’s very relevant, people feel that. So, I think the storyline is going to resonate with a lot of people.”