‘Very Cavallari’: Jay Cutler Might Have Caught the Business Bug From Kristin

It seems as though Jay Cutler has finally been bitten by the business bug. Since his retirement from the NFL, Cutler has been keeping a low profile with his family of five, but it seemed as though his desire to do absolutely nothing was causing trouble in his relationship. Kristin Cavallari, 32, has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. The reality TV star launched not one, but three businesses since Cutler’s retirement and penned a cookbook. While her career is just taking off, Cutler was looking for a partner who wants to just hang out. Now, the pair may have come to a compromise. So, what’s Cutler’s plan?

Jay Cutler wants to open a butcher shop

Cutler, who retired from the NFL two years ago, frankly seems bored. Cavallari wondered if Jay finding something to do with his time would ease some of the strain on their marriage. Now the 36-year-old former quarterback has a goal in mind – he wants to open a butcher shop.

In a clip from Very Cavallari, Cutler told Cavallari that he had been thinking about their conversation regarding finding something to do, and he’s got a brilliant plan. He goes on to tell Cavallari that he’d like to open a butcher shop. If you are gearing up to buy some Jay-cut steaks, you’ll be disappointed though.

The former Chicago Bear won’t be doing any of the butchering himself. He’ll be hiring people to do that part, but he’ll be managing them. Management is something Cutler showed an aptitude for when he helped Cavallari reign in her staff at Uncommon James.

Kristin is thrilled with the decision

Kristin seems perfectly happy with Jay’s decision. The mother of three and business mogul is thrilled to see her husband with a goal in mind. She told Cutler that she was sure it was going to be great, and he insisted that it was because he was the one doing it. Apparently, he is enlisting the help of Chef Mike Kubiesa.  According to Fox News, Kubiesa helped Cavallari put together her first cookbook.

Cavallari has plans to publish a second cookbook soon. The busy mom informed fans via Twitter that another recipe anthology is in the works. She claims she’s always been passionate about food and loves to share her healthy comfort food recipes with the world. Cavallari has noted it is her goal to still cook for her family, just like her mom did while she was growing up in Laguna Beach.