‘Very Cavallari’: Kristin Sets Twitter on Fire with a TMI Moment

No one can accuse Kristin Cavallari of holding anything back on her E! reality show. The Uncommon James founder’s show is currently in its second season, and Cavallari, 32, is using the platform to share some bizarre information. So far this season, fans have learned that Cavallari and Cutler went on one of the world’s most unconventional dates, and now everyone knows that Cutler is happy to step to the plate for unconventional jobs – like unclogging his wife’s milk ducts.

How did Jay Cutler unclog his wife’s milk ducts?

NFL fans have long argued that Jay Cutler sucks, but probably not in this way. During a trailer for the remainder of Very Cavallari, fans are allowed to listen in on dinner party conversation.


During the dining experience, Cavallari cavalierly mentions that she once had clogged milk ducts while nursing and Cutler unclogged them by sucking “like he’s never sucked before.”

Polite dinner conversation it was not, but it certainly caused a stir. Not only were Cavallari’s guests horrified by the confession, but the Laguna Beach alumni basically set Twitter on fire.

Is Jay Cutler’s method of curing clogged ducts normal?

Absolutely not! Cutler’s hands-on way of dealing with his wife’s little problem is certainly not one of the preferred treatments.

Clogged milk ducts are a common issue for breastfeeding mothers. According to Medical News Today, massaging the area, warm compresses and avoiding tight-fitting clothing are all home remedies for clogged milk ducts. While some experts suggest pumping can help alleviate a clog, no medical literature goes so far as to recommend having one’s partner resolve the issue with their mouth.

Kristin’s crazy admissions are why fans love her

Whether you laughed out loud or went running for brain bleach after watching the trailer, everyone has to admit this is why people love Cavallari. The California-born businesswoman is unabashedly herself and has no problem sharing the details of her life.  According to Newsweek Cavallari finished her story by stating “You know what? Saved my life!”

Husband Jay Cutler, who fans are just really getting to know, seems to have no issue with Cavallari’s wildly inappropriate admissions. It seems like this couple is willing to say just about anything!