Verzuz: Monica and Brandy Make Peace, Love Vibes, History, and a Tiny Bit of Shade

Coming into the Verzuz celebration with Brandy and Monica, fans knew it would an unforgettable night. Like the Erykah Badu-Jill Scott match-up before them, these two music legends proved that queens reign.

In the minutes before Brandy and Monica walked out and embraced on the Veruz stage, the Instagram Live numbers started climbing past 700,000 — and kept going. There were 1.2 million people tuned to the Instagram stream alone, and the counts are higher with the additional streaming platforms. The numbers broke records!

After Kamala Harris popped up on the screen to remind people to vote, it was game on. As fans’ ears were graced with three hours of musical greatness, people witnessed history when these two former adversaries came together.

Monica and Brandy
Monica | Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images; Brandy | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Monica and Brandy hadn’t seen each other for years

One of the reasons both women decided to do this Verzuz meetup is to quell all rumors about their friend/frenemy status.

In the first hour of this show, Monica and Brandy admitted it’d been eight or nine years since they spoke, and apparently they had a heart-to-heart on the day of this Verzuz event.

Monica credited several people as the reason she decided to do it, and cited Missy Elliott and her cousin/producer Polow da Don.

Both women said there were a lot of factors involved with why they didn’t communicate sooner, and Monica told Brandy, “I wanted to speak to you face to face.”

Both she and Brandy expressed mutual admiration and love for each other, with Brandy saying, “I have the utmost respect for you, even the times when it seemed like I didn’t.” It was all peace and they let their music flow through the night.

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There was one awkward moment between Brandy and Monica

As each queen introduced their respective song selections, they shared anecdotes and backstories. Before launching into “So Gone,” Monica mentioned there was a time when she was “kicking in doors and smacking chicks.”

Brandy quietly chimed in with, “Since people know about it, I was one of them ones.” Yikes. She was referring to that time Monica punched her in the face, and the remark caught Monica off guard. Monica said “Ooooo, people are gonna think I’m abusive,” and asked her why she said that.

Brandy tried to clean it up by saying it was a joke, not shade, but Monica downplayed the old incident as a “disagreement.” They both cut the tension but not before Brandy apologized and threw out one more crack asking Monica if she’s quitting their upcoming tour.

Fans hope not, because that announcement turned out to be an unexpected surprise. A tour!

These two R&B queens filled virtual space with love

Brandy carried her journal into the party and recited a few poems, taking the time to honor those who have passed away. After acknowledging Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Nipsey Hussle, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and more, she played “Missing You.”

Fans got emotional over the moment and Monica continued the sentiment. She followed up with a shout-out to her grieving friend, Vanessa Bryant, and dedicated “For You I Will” to her.

Brandy breaks down ‘The Boy is Mine’

To close out the celebration, Brandy saved “The Boy Is Mine” for last. She explained how when she created the song, it felt like it was missing something. She said Monica’s catalog inspired her to reach out and ask her to be a part of it.

Brandy thought Monica’s voice was the piece she was searching for. When they linked up for the first time, they clicked, and the song turned into magic. It was the final track of the night, and the pair ended this epic event with a hug as they walked off stage together.