Victoria Beckham’s Silliest Fear, Revealed

Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer, beauty mogul, and so much more. But she’s probably still best-known for her membership in the unimaginably popular 90s band The Spice Girls.

Back in the day, Beckham was known as “Posh Spice.” Those days, however, are long behind her—she didn’t even join the rest of her former crew for the reunion tour!

Beckham makes headlines for her own professional endeavors and for her marriage to famous former soccer player David Beckham. The pair have been together since 1997 and has remained one of the world’s hottest couples. 

Recently, the star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she played a quick game that revealed some of her secrets. These included her silliest fear.

Victoria Beckham has been busy

Victoria Beckham attends the screening of "Cafe Society" at the opening gala of the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival.
Victoria Beckham | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Even though she left the music world and didn’t appear alongside her fellow Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has stayed busy and productive. She has amassed a tremendous net worth of around $450 million.

Since her husband has about an equal net worth of his own, the pair are living a very comfortable life in London. 

What exactly has Beckham been up to? She’s running a successful fashion and beauty empire in addition to taking care of her family. She is also using her influence to make a change in the world. She’s tired of the backlash against aging, and she refuses to use anti-aging language in her products, instead insisting that women should embrace their journey into maturity. 

“I want to spread the word that everybody should feel like the best version of themselves,” Beckham insisted. “To look after what you have. I want to tell people to own who you are.”

Victoria Beckham’s appearance with Ellen DeGeneres included a game

Beckham appeared on DeGeneres’ show and was put in the “hot seat” for a game called “Burning Questions.” DeGeneres quipped that this version would be “extra spicy,” a nod to the fashion mogul’s former life in the music spotlight.

The game consists of DeGeneres asking a personal question and Beckham giving the answer as quickly as she can before hitting a buzzer “for no apparent reason.” Beckham’s family life was on full display as the very first answer (about her first celebrity crush) was “David Beckham.”

Two questions later, she was asked who the most famous person in her phone was. Struggling with the mechanics of the buzzer, she ends up answering “my husband” three different times.

She also revealed that the thing she does that embarrasses her kids is simply “exist.” Meanwhile, her kids not doing their homework is the one thing that can make her lose her temper. 

Victoria Beckham revealed some of her private moments and fears

As the game goes on, Beckham gives even more details about her life. She fibbed (she immediately admitted) that she sleeps in heels and made it clear that she does not understand the fashion trend of crop tops or when people wear their jacket off the shoulder and resting on the backs of their arms.

When DeGeneres asks about three things she always has in her purse, she responds with predictable answers: “Credit card. Phone. Lip Liner.”

It’s when Beckham starts talking about her fears that the questions become a little less rapid-fire. DeGeneres is perplexed by her response and takes some time from the game to ask follow-up questions and try to get to the bottom of her phobia. 

When DeGeneres asks her the strangest things she’s afraid of, Beckham quickly responds: “Space.” When DeGeneres looks confused, she attempts to clarify by pointing at the ceiling: “As in . . . space.”

DeGeneres points out that Beckham will never have to be in space, and Beckham counters that DeGeneres asked her for her “strangest” fear, not her most reasonable one!

We probably shouldn’t be expecting her to sign up for NASA anytime soon, but Beckham seems dedicated to her successful professional life and fulfilling personal one.