Do These 6 Video Games Have Too Much Nudity?

Gaming is an enormously popular pastime, so it makes sense that games made for adults will feature premium-cable levels of sex, violence, and nudity. But seeing naked digital characters is still a little strange for those of us who grew up alongside Mario and Sonic. Making matters worse, not all game makers use good taste when putting sex and nudity into their games. Here are six games that either use nudity gratuitously or push the envelope just a little too far.

1. Dante’s Inferno

Any game based on descending into Hades one circle at a time is bound to have some adult themes in it. After all, doing bad things is how people get there in the first place. And since one of the circles is based on lust, players probably expect some lusty visuals. What you probably weren’t expecting is a giant version of Cleopatra, whose bare breasts take up nearly the entire screen during a boss fight. It’s a little distracting, especially when enemies start clawing their way out of her nipples. A word of advice: Don’t play this one in front of your grandma.

You can watch the NSFW video here.

2. God of War: Ascension

The God of War series is known far and wide for its ridiculous overuse of sex and violence. That said, no game in the series has more gratuitous nudity than 2013’s Ascension. After slaying a bunch of mythic beasts, our hero Kratos enters a bedchamber to find a harem of topless women falling over themselves to seduce him. Some of the women argue over him, while others make out with each other or have fun all by themselves. It turns out to be a trick put on by Aphrodite (also topless), who quickly draws you into a boss battle after Kratos fails to slam her head into the ground.

You can watch the NSFW video here.

3. Metro: Last Light

Based on the description of Metro: Last Light, you probably wouldn’t expect it to contain a long, intimate lap dance. This shooter is set in the tunnel system beneath a post-apocalyptic version of Moscow. All of the survivors dirty and terrified, and have resorted to using bullets for currency. Up on the surface, horrifying mutant beasts rule the land. Down below, it’s mostly pain and suffering — that is, unless you spend some bullets on a lap dance.

You can watch the NSFW video here.

4. Saints Row IV

Really, there’s little in the Saints Row series that isn’t over-the-top. These games have a hilariously dirty sense of humor, and they clearly take glee from pushing boundaries. One of the wilder things that happens in the fourth installment is that you get abducted by aliens and find yourself on a space ship you have to shoot your way out of to escape. Funny thing is, you’re fully nude for the entire sequence. Was it necessary? Probably not, but it makes for a memorable set piece.

You can watch the NSFW video here.


If there’s one thing a stunt biking game doesn’t require, it’s T&A. But that’s what BMX XXX is all about. Really, the sole draw of this PlayStation 2-era game is the risqué content, because the rest of the game simply isn’t very good. In it, you can customize your avatar with skimpy clothing like thongs and tight shirts. If you complete the hardest challenges, you unlock video clips of strippers dancing topless. Why? Who knows?

You can watch the NSFW video here.

6. Ride to Hell: Retribution

Not only does this game have the dubious distinction of being the most hated video game of all time, but it’s also packed full of gratuitous sex scenes. The game is bad on every level, but it’s the godawful sex scenes that are the biggest cause for embarrassment. Just watch the supercut of them below and try not to laugh. It’s hard to do, both because the characters remain clothed while they go at it, and because of the absurd porn music that plays during every one.

You can watch the NSFW video here.

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