9 Video Game Records That No One Seems to Be Able to Break

World records come in many forms in the realm of video games. Some are awarded to games that sell in massive quantities. Others go to players who concoct crazy controller stunts or stay awake for days to keep a gaming marathon going. It’s a wild world out there, but the gamers, consoles, and games on this list have achieved something no one or nothing else has, and probably won’t any time soon.

1. This guy’s Super Mario Bros. speedrun

In addition to being one of the most important video games of all time, Super Mario Bros. is also a gold standard for people interested in “speedrunning,” or playing games from start to finish as fast as humanly possible. With Mario’s high profile, its simple run-and-jump gameplay, and its short play time, the game is an obvious choice for speedrunners looking to make a name for themselves on the internet.

To date, the fastest speedrun of Super Mario Bros. belongs to Darbian, a speedrunner who managed to whittle his runtime down to 4:57.244. You can watch the winning run in the video above. As for Darbian, he may or may not be finished running this game. “I have reached my potential in this category – I’m done! My quest is over,” he wrote on YouTube. The catch is that he wrote that on his previous world record run.

For what it’s worth, the next fastest Super Mario Bros. speedrun time is 0.4 seconds slower than Darbian’s. That doesn’t sound like much, but when margins are whittled down to individual frames, it can feel like an eternity.

2. Beating Dark Souls with a guitar controller

You know Dark Souls? It’s an incredibly difficult game that does its best to beat players into submission. Even under the best of conditions, it’s not for chumps or lightweights. In the video above, you can watch an intrepid player tackle one of the toughest boss battles in the game using a guitar controller instead of a regular controller. Talk about a handicap.

The player, Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin, took a Rock Band guitar controller and remapped the buttons so it would let him control Dark Souls without luxuries like analog sticks and proper trigger buttons. The result is an incredible feat, and it’s even more impressive that he beat the whole game using this unusual controller. Most players couldn’t come close to doing this even if they were crazy enough to try.

3. Most participants on a single-player online video game

Granted, this record doesn’t have much competition because it’s so specific, but it’s hard to see it being beaten anytime soon. In early 2014, game streaming site Twitch hosted an event called “Twitch Plays Pokémon.” Someone hacked a copy of Pokémon Red so it could be controlled by a chat window running alongside the game (you read that correctly, a chat window). Anyone viewing the stream could help “play” the game simply by typing a controller button into the chat.

It took over two weeks, but the chat stream finally beat the game on March 1, 2014. The event was so popular that 1,165,140 players ended up contributing, creating a world record that will likely be around for a while.

4. Longest video game marathon

Why anyone would subject themselves to this kind of torment boggles the mind, but then again, that’s coming from someone who holds zero world records. The longest single gaming session ever happened in July of 2015. The game was Just Dance 2015, and the player in question was Carrie Swidecki, who pulled off the feat in Bakersfield, California.

She played the game for an astounding 138 hours and 34 seconds, according to Guinness. That’s almost six days of playing. What makes it even more amazing is that Just Dance is a game that actually requires you to dance to play it, so Ms. Swidecki wasn’t just sitting on a couch using a controller the whole time.

5. Beating two Mega Man X games simultaneously

Mega Man games are no joke. They’re tough old-school action platformers that require smart planning and quick reflexes to get through. Which makes it nuts that YouTuber Aura Puffs had the idea and dedication to use a single controller connected to both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 and play them at the same time, using the same button inputs across both games.

It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but it turns out that it’s actually possible to do. He even managed to collect all the X upgrades in each level in both games. It’s an amazing feat that no one probably even thought to do until now.

6. Largest video game collection

How many games do you own? Probably not 10,607, the official largest collection on the planet. The collection was owned by a man named Michael Thomasson, who had Guinness confirm the record before selling all the games for a whopping $750,000 in 2014. I’m sure the new owner has added to the collection since then, but he or she hasn’t had Guinness come by to tally it up. If you want to beat that record, I hope you have a whole lot of money.

7. Best-selling video game of all time

Tetris blocks fall from the sky.

Source: Electronic Arts

Of all the video games to come out in the history of the medium, the one that’s sold the most copies is Tetris. That might not be a huge surprise if you’ve played it on multiple platforms over the years, but the number of copies sold is astounding: 495 million, according to Wikipedia. That eclipses the second best-selling game by an enormous margin.

In case you’re wondering, Minecraft is the second best-selling game, with 107 million copies sold to date. If it wants to snag the record at some point, it has a lot of catching up to do.

8. Best-selling single-platform game of all time

The golf game in Wii Sports.

Source: Nintendo

Selling hundreds of millions of copies of a game is much easier if it’s available on as many platforms as Tetris, which has shown up on nearly every system since it first appeared in 1984.

It’s harder to rack up so many sales for a game that’s only available on one platform. Wikipedia says the record for best-selling game on a single platform goes to Wii Sports, a game that came bundled with extra controllers for the Wii.

While being a pack-in for a must-have Wii accessory certainly helped make it the best-selling single-platform game of all time, it helped that it was a fun, accessible game that could be played by just about anyone, thanks to its simple motion controls.

9. Best-selling game console of all time

The PlayStation 2, with controller and memory card.

Source: Sony

Since the Wii’s extra controller helped Wii Sports surge to the top of the best-selling video game list, you might think the Wii would be the best-selling game console of all time. You’d be wrong. The Wii is the fifth best-selling console, with 101.63 million sales under its belt, according to Wikipedia.

The best-selling video game console of all time is PlayStation 2, which sold over 155 million units during its astonishing 13-year lifespan. Released in 2000, the PlayStation 2 kept on chugging until 2013, when Sony finally discontinued production. That’s a great run, and one that’s not likely to be bested anytime soon.

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