This Video of Meghan Markle Finally Tells Us What She’s Really Like As a Person

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she’s been in the middle of a media windstorm. And it’s been hard for the Duchess of Sussex to catch a break with so many rumors and stories constantly being reported about her. However, those close to the duchess remain staunch that she is actually a kind person, despite what the tabloids say. But one fan caught Meghan Markle in a candid moment — and it says a lot about what she’s really like.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan has been shed in a negative light since she joined the royal family

Meghan and Harry started dating in 2016, and like any celebrity, she quickly made the news — not always for good reason. Though Meghan had been a television star, she wasn’t used to the level of fame she received upon joining the royal family. The tabloids began to run stories about her, suggesting that she was rude to her staff and that she and other royal family members didn’t get along. The biggest, perhaps, was the rumor of a feud between Meghan and her sister-in-law, Duchess Kate Middleton. Though no feud rumors were ever confirmed, it did incline a lot of fans to choose a side between the two women.  

Meghan’s closest friends have only had good things to say about her

As far as Meghan’s personal relationships go, it’s been hard to tell what kind of person she is. Her family, including her half-siblings and father, have not always had good things to say about her. However, her friends have always had her back. They’ve said she’s kind and funny, and they all showed support by gathering for a baby shower for the duchess in New York City a few months back. But between her family’s harsh accusations and her friends’ loving ones, it’s been hard to tell who Meghan really is.

One fan caught Meghan in a candid moment
Meghan Markle shows her true colors with one fan–and we weren’t disappointed.

The best way to learn about someone’s true colors is to catch them in a real moment. While Meghan always shows poise and professionalism when she’s at a public engagement, it’s hard to tell whether she is for show or not. But one fan caught Meghan in a candid moment, and it gave us a hint of what she’s really like. When Meghan was meeting fans, one fan was recording her when another fan accidentally dropped their sunglasses over the barricade. Meghan can be heard saying, “Uh oh, your sunglasses,” reaches down to pick them up, and returns them to the fan. It was a raw moment that shows Meghan’s true kindness.

Meghan’s relationship with the royal family appears strong

For nearly three years, Meghan has been at the forefront of most of the royal family’s tabloid stories. However, her relationship with them appears to be strong. When she, Harry, Kate, and Duchess Camilla rode together at Trooping the Colour, they were all smiles and nothing seemed amiss. And when Meghan and Harry introduced their new baby to the world, Princess Eugenie posted a photo congratulating the two on Instagram. She wrote, “I’m just so happy for you!!” clearly showing affection for the new little family. It’s good to know Meghan has settled in well to her new life.

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