Viewers are Begging Kim Kardashian to Help Release Gypsy Rose Blanchard from Prison

In one of the most bizarre crime stories of the century, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of her mother, Claudine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard. The story would seem like an open and shut case, but Gypsy’s upbringing is considered one of the most severe cases of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy that the world has ever seen. Now, after binging The Act, fans are asking Kim Kardashian to step in and help Gypsy get released from prison.

Who is Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

Blanchard rose to infamy when neighbors in her quiet town in Missouri discovered her mother ‘Dee Dee’ dead in their home, and Gypsy missing. Gypsy, according to the neighbors, was an incredibly ill teenager who couldn’t possibly care for herself. She used a wheelchair and believed to have a plethora of serious health struggles.

Police set out to find the vulnerable Gypsy, but what was discovered was beyond belief. Gypsy was not sick at all, in fact, Dee Dee had pulled off an incredible ruse, and neighbors were stymied. Gypsy was perfectly capable of walking and was not at all developmentally delayed. She, for her part, was not in on the scam, she was merely a pawn in her mother’s game.

Dee Dee allegedly doctor shopped, moved states and even shaved Gypsy’s head to make her appear sicklier than she was. Gypsy wanted a way out, and together with an internet boyfriend concocted a plan to get away. Dee Dee’s death was part of that plan.

Could Kim Kardashian help?

Kardashian has transformed herself into a bit of a politico. The businesswoman has set time aside to lobby for the release of individuals she feels were wrongfully convicted or given sentences that in no way matched the nature of their crimes. She first worked on the release of Alice Marie Johson, a 63-year-old inmate who had spent more than 20 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense.

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Johnson was granted clemency with the help of Kardashian. The media mogul has also worked on several other prominent cases, namely that of Cyntoia Brown, a woman who was convicted of murder and robbery. Brown was just 16 years old when she was convicted of the death of a real estate agent. According to a PBS documentary, Brown was forced into prostitution as a teen and believed she was acting in self-defense. She was released after serving 16 years of a life sentence.

If you consider the Cyntoia Brown case, Kardashian may be able to help Blanchard gain early release. While Blanchard freely admits to active involvement in her mother’s murder, proponents argue that the then 24-year-old had acted out of desperation after enduring a lifetime of abuse.

How many people has Kim Kardashian helped get released from prison?

Kardashian-West might be best known for her killer body, but the mother of four has found her footing in the world of activism. Once considered vapid, it seems there is more to the KKW Beauty mogul than meets the eye. She’s been working hard behind the scenes to help with prison reform.

To date, Kardashian has helped 17 prisoners get early releases, and she has plans on pursuing law, according to reports. On top of all that Oxygen has apparently given the green light to a prison reform documentary with Kardashian’s name on it. 

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Kardashian has not publicly commented on Blanchard’s case. The Act has painted a pretty vivid picture of Blanchard’s life leading up to the murder of Dee Dee, but the finale does hold her accountable.