Viewers Say This ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Was the Worst

America’s got talent but America’s Got Talent’s judges seem to be lacking an ear for it, fans say. 

Many of the show’s judges are famous in their own right, even apart from being judges on the show, which has now run for 14 seasons on NBC, However, that doesn’t stop viewers from calling their decision-making into question on almost every episode.

There are some clear least favorites, not only among the current panel but among anyone who has ever judged the show.

Twitter buzzed the judges hard in August

'America's Got Talent' Season 12 judges
‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 12 judges (l-r): Mel B, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Simon Cowell | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A Good Housekeeping piece from August sets the tone. First, viewers were mad because they thought 14-year-old singer Benicio Bryant should have gotten the golden buzzer from former late-night host Jay Leno, who was a guest judge. One tweeted, “The only act so far that should definitely go through is Benicio Bryant. The rest….ehhhh.” 

What really aroused fans ire, however, was that Callie Day wasn’t going to the quarterfinals. Judge Howie Mandel said: “I will tell you honestly you were a vote of contention. We argued, and we ended with the decision that this is the end of the journey for you here. I am so sorry, Callie.” 

Day took the disappointment in stride, but viewers did not.

“I am utterly disgusted that Miss Callie was sent home! Best voice on the show!” said one.

“Putting all of those young, screaming singers through but not her… seriously? She’s an angel. Age should not matter,” opined another. 

Who is the worst ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge this season?

Just as the judges debate the merits of the contestants, on Reddit, the viewers debate the merits of the judges. One might expect fans to complain that judges are too harsh, but the opposite seems to be true: Viewers don’t like it if the judges are too nice and say that everybody is wonderful and inspiring. 

The current panel consists of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, and Gabrielle Union. The latter two, in particular, get a lot of criticism for not being tough enough. Saying this was the “worst judges roster ever,” the topic-starter said.

The post reads: “It’s gotten to the point where Howie is the most critical judge. .. Nobody ever actually f—- says anything of substance anymore, it’s always just “you guys are so inspiring!” 

Another person replied: “What they really need are some legit critical judges who provide legit feedback to balance out Gabrielle and Julianne That will never happen though because these types of shows have a narrative to push and they can’t put someone with an actual spine on the panel.”

Who is the least popular judge of all time?

If fans aren’t critiquing the current panel, they’re critiquing all the judges who have ever been on the show. One of the judges who gets the most criticism is Cowell, and it’s not for his famous meanness. It’s that he’s not as tough as he used to be in the old American Idol days. Perhaps he got bored playing the character of “the mean one,” but if so, it hasn’t done him any favors for some fans. 

On a second Reddit thread, one person said: “Right now, Simon is frustrating with the stopping of the show to give some singers a second chance. Also, he praises singers he would have ripped apart in the past. He mellowed out too much. He’s the only one to not press a buzzer in judges cuts so far. I also feel like he doesn’t gel with the judges that well.”

On both of the Reddit threads, an unlikely favorite emerged among the popular judges: Howard Stern, who is best known for his brash and often obnoxious personality on the radio. On America’s Got Talent, however, he came across very differently. 

“Oddly enough, Heidi (Klum)  and Howard, the supermodel and the dirty radio host, were the absolutely best and most articulate judges,” one said.