‘Vikings’ Actor Talks About Their Character’s Legacy and Recent Death

The first half of the final season of Vikings has left fans breathless so far. Episode 6 held a surprising death that fans can’t seem to get over. Read on to learn what the actor who plays the latest character who was killed thinks about the surprising turn of events. There are spoilers ahead for season 6 of Vikings.

The bandits return and Lagertha faces White Hair

'Vikings' at Comic-Con
Moderator Kate Hahn, writer/creator Michael Hirst, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard, Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, and Alex Hogh Andersen | Jerod Harris/Getty Images for A+E Networks

The moment finally comes when the bandits return to Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) village. This time, they’re more than ready for them and successfully drive most of them away. However, the bandit leader White Hair (Kieran O’Reilly) and Lagertha face off. Each sustains wounds and at the last moment, Lagertha gains the upper hand and kills him.

Lagertha’s death at the hands of a son of Ragnar

Lagertha, who really needs to have her wounds tended to, goes out by herself to tell Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Torvi (Georgia Hirst) what’s happened. She makes it to Kattegat and falls off her horse, struggling to move.

Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) is around and happens to be hallucinating at the same time that he sees Lagertha. He takes a knife and stabs her not knowing it’s her when he does the unthinkable. The situation is more than gut-wrenching and Lagertha even tells Hvitserk of the prophecy that she would be killed by a son of Ragnar. She knew her fate all along.

Katheryn Winnick weighs in on Lagertha’s death

TVLine spoke with Katheryn Winnick about her character’s demise and what she really thought of the circumstances surrounding it. She wanted an “epic death” for the farmer turned queen and she definitely accomplished that.

“In terms of Lagertha’s story, I couldn’t ask for a better death,” Winnick explained. “They didn’t want to kill me off after six seasons, but I was like, there’s a time and place, guys. Lagertha’s got to go. She’s not immortal, but I wanted an epic death. I wanted something amazing.”

In the history of Vikings, numerous people have come and gone, but Lagertha is different. She deserves to go out with a bang, and she certainly did just that.

“We’ve probably killed more than 200 [characters] over the years, so I knew that it could be overlooked, or it could be just no big deal, or it could not be a big event, but I think Lagertha deserves something that’s different and definitely heart-wrenching — and I think [series creator] Michael Hirst did a great job by writing that,” Winnick continued.

Saying goodbye to Lagertha

Winnick also spoke with Variety about saying goodbye to the beloved character with such a fierce following. The final battle itself was extremely difficult and took a lot to prepare and make right.

“I’m still lost for words because I don’t know if I’ve really said goodbye yet,” Winnick revealed. “That final battle was extremely hard. It was one of the hardest rehearsals for me, ever. I really wanted to make it great and it was so important to tell a story through the battle and not just make it another fight.”

The final scene Winnick actually shot was her death at the hands of Hvitserk. It was a particularly difficult situation since weather wasn’t on their side at the time.

“And it was too hard to say goodbye in the moment, only because the conditions we were shooting in,” Winnick explained. “It was zero degrees, freezing cold, and we had this rain machine outside and we were trying not to get hypothermia. It was just a really, really tough scene to shoot and try to act it, and have her last breath in that moment.”

The death of Lagertha was unlike any other. Loyal fans will always know her as a fierce shield-maiden who fought for what she thought was right and died a warrior.