Viola Davis Says She ‘Likes A Good Marvel Movie’

Viola Davis is a talented actress. She has won an Oscar and an Emmy. So she is clearly dedicated to the craft of acting.

Recently, when asked about the criticism Marvel movies have been getting, she defended the films. We’ll get into how and why later, but for now, all you need to know is that she’s supporting Marvel. She knows what she’s talking about because she is a seasoned actress.

Yet what is this criticism and what did Davis have to say about it? Find out, ahead.

What is the criticism Davis was responding to?

Viola Davis on Red Carpet at Rome Film Festival, where she was when she spoke about Marvel
Viola Davis on the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival | Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

According to, many famous directors have been criticizing Marvel movies, including Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola. Martin Scorcese famously said that the movies were “not cinema” and compared them to theme parks. Though he later clarified his comments, for many Marvel fans, the damage was already done.

Francis Ford Coppola thought that Scorcese was kind to the Marvel movies since he didn’t call them “despicable,” which the director proceeded to do. Marvel fans, of course, were upset by such intense criticism. Though probably not many would suspect that Viola Davis is one of them. Of course, she may not be a superfan but she does like the movies and that’s more than fans can say for Scorcese and Coppola.

What did Viola Davis say about Marvel movies?

When asked to comment on what Scorcese and others said, Davis replied that “[she does] like a good Marvel movie. [She does] like a good DC Comics movie.” Who knew? Viola Davis is secretly a Marvel and DC fan.

She went on to say that she loves superhero movies because of their imaginative nature. According to the actress, “[her] imagination defined [her]. [She] could escape into a world that’s infinite, a world that [she] could create on [her] own, a world where [she] could redefine [herself]. That’s where art lives.” 

And that is something many fans likely agree with. Marvel movies are certainly creative and imaginative. They take people to fantastical worlds where almost anything is possible. They tell stories of larger than life heroes who are still somewhat human underneath it all.

And fans love that about them.

Why does Viola Davis support Marvel so much?

Perhaps the answer lies in the actress’ own words. According to Davis, “art lives in that world of imagination. It’s a playground there.” She goes on to say that “it’s not up to anyone to say what deserves to be there and what doesn’t deserve to be there.”

Makes sense to us. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions on art. Yet Davis says it best when she says that she thinks “there’s a place for all of it.” And we would agree. Part of the attraction of creative works is that there is something for everyone.

So whether you like or dislike Marvel, your opinion is valid. However, there’s room for many different kinds of art in the “world of imagination.” So appreciate what you like and feel free to criticize what you don’t, just remember that all of it is art and therefore “deserves to be there.” Whether it’s a Marvel movie or some other kind of art, it’s all equally valuable.