‘The Voice’: 3 Big Problems With Season 10

A whole new season is starting for The Voice. It should be interesting to see how the show will play out with Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus as new coaches. Also it will be fun to start predicting which contestant could possibly be the new success story to come out of the show like so many before them. But The Voice definitely had some stumbles last season that it should fix. What are they? Here were the three biggest problems with Season 10.

1. Plugging social media

It’s usually pretty weird to see old media try to keep current with new media. Sometimes it feels like your parents are trying to talk to you about it to relate, but it only shows that they don’t quite get it. Well the show gave Christina Aguilera a small spot on the show to talk about how she messes with Snapchat while filming. We see her face swap with Pharrell Williams, then we get a bunch of Photoshopped images of the other coaches with fake filters.

The whole thing just reeks of “sponsored by Snapchat.” We get it, the show needs to find some way to pay Blake Shelton and Adam Levine their enormous salaries! But that could still be done in a less annoying way than this segment. People are going to follow the cast on Snapchat not because of some scripted segment they saw from the show. They’re going to follow the stars because they are fans of them.

If the show can’t strike the plugs totally, then they should make them less over the top. Don’t use Photoshop to make fake filters, keep the segments short and sweet, and then keep it moving! We want more of the show and less of the obvious plugs.

2. Scripted scenes of the judges making fun of each other

A big part of the success behind The Voice is the chemistry between Shelton and Levine. These two singers had their own fans before the show, but they were able to grow their fan base together by becoming friends. Most of their friendship involves making fun of each other in a way that only good friends could.

It looks like the show gets that the audience loves their back-and-forth, however they don’t know how to make that banter work for all of the judges. The show made the misstep of making scripted segments and writing roasts for judges to give each other. In the finale there was a fake documentary following Levine’s career of “failing upwards” after not being able to play basketball. Now he has a “profession that requires less talent,” which would probably be funny if they weren’t selling a singing show that is supposed to be all about talent.

The show in this case is really trying to force something it shouldn’t. They struck gold getting Levine and Shelton together because their chemistry is natural. Trying to force something through scripts will definitely ring false when you compare it to the show’s more natural moments.

It looks like this problem will still be around in Season 11. In the first episode we see Shelton walk up to Miley Cyrus backstage in a denim jacket covered in flowers in order to match her flower outfit. Once again this whole thing seemed pretty forced compared to anything Shelton would naturally make fun of her for in the future.

3. Continuing to do Instant Saves

The Voice

Christina Aguilera on The Voice | NBC

This might be a more controversial take, but there are some good reasons why the show should do away with the Instant Saves. This new aspect of the show was introduced in 2013. During the live shows voters can now tweet the hashtag “#VoiceSave” with the name of the singer they want to keep in the competition out of the bottom three. It’s understandable why some would think this is a good idea.

The show will probably be trending every night of the live show because voters have to use Twitter to save their favorite contestants. This will be unpaid advertisement for the show, which would hopefully lead to a bigger audience in the future. But it’s also a huge inconvenience to the large portion of the show’s audience.

There are many viewers who are the in the Pacific or Mountain time zones and therefore aren’t watching the show when this is happening. The show has tried to adjust to this difference by having the show’s Twitter account announce the bottom three and when the voting will begin. But other voters will still have a leg up by actually having all of the information they need in order to vote.

Also the fact that some of the voters will probably just choose a contestant based on their opinions of the singer rather than that night’s performance changes the show from being about “the voice” to a popularity contest. The show has tried to set itself apart from all of the singing and talent shows that have come before it. But this is one thing that might be undermining all of that. The show was doing just fine before this change. Why fix something that’s not broken?

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