‘The Voice’: 3 Contestants Who Went Home Way Too Early

The Voice is a really tough battlefield because of its premise. It’s purely about the voice initially given the blind auditions. But once the show gets going many start getting sent home either by their coaches or the audience. Some rightfully should be the next to go home, but there are others who were sent way too early. So who do we wish got to stay on longer in Season 10? Here are three that didn’t get to reach their full potential.

1. Tamar Davis

tamar davis

The Voice | Source: NBC

We were introduced to the amazing singer with her rendition of “Chain of Fools” and was able to get Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera to turn around. The powerhouse has already had a successful career singing backup so she has the chops. She was one of the original members of the girl group Girl’s Tyme, which eventually became Destiny’s Child. Prince even mentored her, showing that even music geniuses have recognized her talent. However, she was eliminated from Christina’s team.

She was only able to show what she can do four times. Each time she brought down the house, but for some reason things didn’t come out in her favor. Sadly this is one of the many cases where the talent of a contestant wasn’t enough to keep a contestant on the show. Chances are she will go on to do more great work. But a longer run on the show might have helped increase her chances of breaking out as a lead singer.

2. Paxton Ingram

paxton ingram

The Voice | Source: NBC

The contestant was so close but was knocked out right before the finale. There is no other artist on the show with his voice because it is so unique. It will be sorely missed. His peak on the show was definitely his rendition of “Break Every Chain.” However, his downfall might have come down to song choice.

Although he’s never really had a flat performance, there could have been better choices to get audiences to be pulled in emotionally. His last performance of “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” was undoubtedly theatrical, but wasn’t the best to show off his unique voice.

3. Nate Butler

nate butler, The Voice

The Voice | Source: NBC

The contestant only had four performances on the show, but he showed promise. He got Pharrell, Adam, and Blake to turn around with his performance of “The Walk.” He repeatedly showed the wide range of his voice. He was able to take soulful classics and do them justice. He got knocked off Adam’s team, but he was definitely missed since there weren’t many contestants picking up the same type of songs. He had potential, and, after a little more coaching, he could have really blown the audience away.

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