‘WandaVision’: ‘Frozen’ Talent Bringing Musical Magic to Marvel Series

Marvel’s WandaVision is right around the corner and the show’s many secrets still seem to be trickling out. On Jan. 4, Marvel dropped a big reveal about the Disney+ original’s music that included two names that should be familiar to Disney fans.

A new TV spot for WandaVision revealed that the series will feature unique theme songs for each era of sitcom that it explores. The spot was also accompanied by the announcement that the songs are written by none other than Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the husband-and-wife duo best known for their award-winning work on Frozen.

‘WandaVision’ will explore the musicality of its time periods

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen
‘WandaVision’ star Elizabeth Olsen. | Film Frame/Marvel Studios

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The TV spot focuses on the earlier 1950s era of WandaVision. In it, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) laments to her husband, Vision (Paul Bettany), that they don’t have wedding rings and a song like most normal couples. Vision says that they can fix that, at which point Wanda pops two wedding rings onto their fingers (Bewitched-style) and the first song begins playing.

WandaVision is such a cool, strange, one-of-a-kind project,” Lopez said. “When the director, Matt Shakman — an old friend from my college days — pitched it to us, we didn’t have to think about it. We loved the bright feeling of American sitcoms mixed with the deep sense of unease the story had, and it was a really inviting challenge to help set that tone.”

Since the series will jump ahead and explore the sitcom stylings of different decades, it will presumably feature a new theme for each time period. Marvel’s official release doesn’t explicitly confirm this, but it does pointedly refer to multiple “themes” that the songwriting duo has cooked up for the series.

“I grew up in the ’80s watching shows from every decade on the networks all day long,” Anderson-Lopez said. “Episodes from I Love LucyBrady Bunch, and Family Ties shaped who I am and how I move through the world. So this project was a dream come true.”

‘WandaVision’ is set to be one of the most unique Marvel projects ever

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The Disney+ era seems poised to let Marvel Studios cut loose a bit and experiment with things like form and genre. Straight out of the gate, WandaVision already feels like one of the most original and ambitious things the studio has ever produced.

The story that can be gleaned from the marketing materials shows Wanda and Vision living a strange, idyllic suburban married life, shot in the style of classic sitcoms. Dotted amongst the proceedings are hints that their reality might not be entirely what it seems. Chief among the unexplained oddities: how is Vision alive following the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

In addition to Olsen and Bettany, WandaVision will also see the return of characters like Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) from Marvel Cinematic Universe entries of the past. Aside from returns, the series will boast characters like mysterious and potentially villainous next-door neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and an adult version Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). After her reintroduction in this series, Rambeau is set to appear in Captain Marvel 2 alongside Brie Larson and Iman Vellani.