‘WandaVision’ Rumors: How Many Episodes Will Season 1 Have?

WandaVision is the much-anticipated debut Marvel Studios original series on Disney+. A whole year-and-a-half without a visit to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left fans more than a bit antsy and they’re sure to want as much of the new show as possible.

The series, focused on the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), will premiere on Jan. 15, but Marvel Studios and Disney have remained tight-lipped about its specific episode count. Until the word is official, fans will have to make do with a promising new rumor – albeit, one worth taking with a fair amount of salt.

‘WandaVision’ might run longer than expected

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen
‘WandaVision’ star Elizabeth Olsen. | Film Frame/Marvel Studios

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Most fans have assumed for a while that WandaVision will run six episodes. This is based on an earlier quote from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who said that the series was conceived as a “six-hour movie.” While the series might have started with the goal in mind, it’s entirely possible for things to expand as they move through production.

A few new rumors suggest that just such a thing has happened with WandaVision. According to the blog, Murphy’s Multiverse, an unnamed stunt performer was found to have listed “WandaVision (Ep. 109) (or, season 1, episode 9) on a resume, suggesting that the series could run at least nine episodes. The post kept its sources anonymous but stressed their trustworthiness.

Running counter to this is another rumor from the same site, claiming that the Disney Latino listing for WandaVision would drop its final episode on March 5. This would put the final episode count at eight if only one episode dropped each week. As of Dec. 29, the listing no longer makes reference to the finale’s airdate.

There’s reason enough to be skeptical of these Disney+ rumors

WandaVision cast | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

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A nine-episode season for WandaVision would certainly seem like a boon for Disney+. This would put the end date on either March 5 or 12, leaving little downtime for subscribers until the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on March 19. The longer they can keep Marvel fans on the hook, the better.

However, there are still plenty of reasons not to take these rumors at face value. The site they originate from is far from an established outlet with a solid reputation. Major Hollywood news and trade publications haven’t picked up the story yet, casting some doubt on their validity.

There’s also the question of how WandaVision would handle nine episodes structurally. Each episode of the series will utilize the aesthetics and tropes of TV sitcoms from a different decade. If the series starts in the 1950s, it would reach the 2020s by episode eight. That’s if the series keeps the gimmick the whole way through and doesn’t go for a more standard Marvel feel later on. With this in mind, somewhere in the range of 6-8 episodes is more believable than nine.