‘Wandavision’ Star Kathryn Hahn’s Kids Had To Teach Her Who the Avengers Were

Wandavision has quickly become one of Marvel’s most popular shows. Streaming on Disney+, the show is an extension of the Marvel cinematic universe, with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their roles as Wanda and Vision. The show also includes Kathryn Hahn, who plays Agnes, a nosy neighbor who turns out to be Agatha Harkness. 

Now that she’s one of the central characters in the Marvel world, Hahn has become pretty knowledgeable about the superheroes in Marvel films. However, when she first got involved with the franchise, she had no idea who many of the characters in Marvel films, comic books, and shows were. 

Hahn relied on her children to help teach her who important characters from the Avengers and other Marvel film franchises were. 

Kathryn Hahn’s kids taught her who the Avengers were

Kathryn Hahn attends The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party
Kathryn Hahn attends The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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Hahn opened up about the role her kids played in helping her learn about Marvel during a recent interview with Seth Myers. While she was able to educate herself about Agatha Harkness, her kids deserve a lot of credit for teaching her about other superheroes in the Marvel cinematic universe.

“I was able to do a deep dive on Agatha Harkness, but I definitely needed a little bit of help with the Avengers and going backwards,” Hahn said. “Because it was a little bit of a word salad, walking into this. I couldn’t remember who is who and what was what. And so they were—my son especially was—like, a huge, huge help.”

The Marvel production team had to walk her through her ‘Wandavision’ role several times

Hahn’s Marvel coaching wasn’t solely with her children, either. When she was first called in to talk about her role, the Wandavision production crew had to call her in to explain what the show was about. 

“I mean, for this, I walked in—I mean, I was led into a conference room, like through various—it felt very—in my mind you had to use your thumbprint to get into certain—it was very, very inner—inner world,” Hahn said. “And then you opened the door to this conference room, and they had, like, all over the walls, basically the entire—the entire story. The entire series was like, laid out.”

However, because Hahn is a relative newcomer to the Marvel world, she had to have everything explained to her numerous times. 

“They had to walk me through it a couple times because I was a little bit of a newbie to this world,” Hahn said. “They’re very patient. But yeah, it was just … when I got to hear I was playing a powerful witch, I was like, ‘Yes!’ I was so excited. I was so thrilled.”

She’s really enjoyed playing her role in ‘Wandavision’

Now that she’s gotten the hard part out of the way, Hahn has been able to enjoy playing and watching her role in Wandavision.

“I think the metaphor of like, just like a powerful, complicated, mysterious, like terrifying woman is right up my alley, for sure,” Hahn said. “I don’t mind a tarot card every once in a while, I’m not gonna lie to you.”