‘WandaVision’: The 1 Rumored Plot Detail MCU Fans Hope Is True

A superhero having children is not something we’ve seen often in the MCU, other than Tony Stark’s daughter (Morgan Stark) being a vital part of the family. The thought of the other Avengers having kids has never been discussed, obviously because their lives just aren’t conducive to being parents.

There have even been MCU references to some of the Avengers being sterile and unable to have kids, as in Black Widow and Bruce Banner.

In the case of Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff), the comic book edition sprang forward a revelation she and Vision had twins together. It appears that the upcoming Disney+ series of WandaVision may have the same plot point, though with the twist of Doctor Strange being the surrogate father.

What will Scarlet Witch having twins mean for the MCU?

The cast of WandaVision
The cast of WandaVision | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Based on all reports of what WandaVision will look like, it’s going to end up as a 1950s sitcom and then branch out into the appearance of a classic MCU film. This disparity between two disparate genres sounds more than a little odd. It could also be very entertaining considering a lot of comedy will be involved.

At the same time, since it does start out almost like a family sitcom, it makes sense to add kids into the equation. Having Doctor Strange being the father also adds a major revelation, especially considering Vision is back from the dead (or maybe via Wanda’s magic) during the time WandaVision takes place.

Currently, there isn’t anything official about twins showing up in the streaming show (set to debut in 2021). Some sources report the only hint to it was on the Disney+ series Marvel’s Expanding the Universe where an old Marvel comic book was seen showing Doctor Strange holding one of the twins.

Fans hope this is true. Regardless, what would the show look like having Wanda suddenly revealed as being a mother?

What age will the twins be if revealed?

Knowing Marvel (and Disney), they’d want to incorporate the twins into the story somehow. The only way to do that is if the twins were already old enough to be involved in her magical superhero efforts. How such a story would be revealed in another thing — unless Wanda finds out Doctor Strange fathered her twins all this time.

An odder storyline is how Wanda kept anything about the twins away from everyone else, namely the audience. Even though we saw Wanda/Scarlet Witch play a big factor in Endgame, her personal life was largely unexplored until WandaVision was announced.

Of course, we’re going to see Vision as Wanda’s husband. Based on promotional pics of the two, they look like an average husband and wife living in suburbia. Both are seen sitting on a couch together in a living room setting that looks straight out of a 1950s sitcom.

Since Vision is an android, some might have assumed he wouldn’t be able to have children with Wanda. In the comics, she conceives the twins by decree of her magic, later determined to be a fabrication. Doctor Strange being the father in WandaVision seems equally absurd, outside of both he and Wanda running in the same circles if one knows about their backgrounds.

Will the twins become involved in the story?

What if the audience finds out the twins are old enough to become a part of the plot? Just having them be infants or small children wouldn’t make it easy for them to become anything other than a sideline plot device to stay faithful to the comics.

Marvel has yet to show the children of one of the famous superheroes picking up the torch to do the same. Considering Scarlet Witch has extraordinary powers (like ESP and telekinetic abilities), there’s every indication the twins would have the same. Since the other half of WandaVision will apparently resemble a classic Marvel film, how surreal would it be to have Wanda’s twins partaking in the same magic to battle whatever foe involved?

Then again, since it’s reported the show will focus mostly on Wanda and Vision’s relationship, it may be all about family relations for a superhero, falling in line with Pixar’s The Incredibles.